This TikTok Star Hides An Important Message In Her Video, Again

Oops she did it again.

CAA 2019

A viral video by a teen beauty guru has a hidden message about India’s anti-Muslim citizenship law. Afghan-American TikToker, Feroza Aziz hid a message about the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA 2019) in her TikTok video.

“Love this new skincare routine I found!!! It’s amazing. #CAB #spreadawareness”

This is the same 17-year-old who embedded a hidden message about China’s treatment of Xinjiang Uighur Muslims in a TikTok beauty video.


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What seemed like an ordinary video about skincare tips offered more than just beauty advice. The video drew light on India’s discriminatory and controversial anti-Muslim law. Feroza isn’t just spilling the tea on her skincare secrets but also the CAA 2019.

According to the Indian government, CAA 2019 is supposed to grant citizenship to religious minorities that have taken refuge in India till 2014. Except the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB 2019) makes it a point to exclude Muslims.


To add to that the law requires Indian Muslims to prove their origins in India, otherwise, they will lose their citizenship.


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After both houses of Parliament passed the CAB 2019, countrywide protests erupted.

Feroza Aziz’s Instagram post was less subtle than her Twitter quote.

“Love this skin care routine I found!!! Please spread awareness on this issue. This bill is disgusting, and a violation of human rights. It’s immoral and wrong. Religion does not make you any less or any more of an Indian. This bill spreads hate and does not care about its own people. People are protesting as we speak, but they are being fought for doing so. Police brutality is at a high, and it’s only getting worse. Please spread awareness, do not keep silent on this issue,”

So far the video has 59.7K views on Twitter and over 24K views on Instagram.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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