Top 10 Most Beautiful Models From 71st Annual Miss Universe Pageant [Pictures]

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The 71st annual Miss Universe Pageant was a spectacular event, featuring some of the most beautiful and talented women from around the world.

From the stunning contestants to the dazzling performances and iconic crowning moments, it was a night to remember.

Let’s have a look at the top 10 most beautiful models from the 71st annual Miss Universe Pageant., highlighting their unique qualities and the reasons why they stood out among the competition.

1. R’Bonney Gabriel / Miss USA

Miss Universe

R’Bonney Gabriel’s outfit consisted of a silver bodysuit adorned with glowing red-and-blue accents, coordinating silver boots, and an over-the-top backpiece. The costume nodded to the 1969 moon landing with her star-studded ensemble.

Large silver stars protruded from the backpiece, as did a replica of the moon. Gabriel was also wearing an American flag.

2. María Fernanda Aristizabál / Miss Colombia

Miss Columbia

Maria Fernanda Aristizabál wore a fiery red bodysuit with shimmering tights and spectacular feathery wings in red, orange, yellow, and gold.

The model’s dress was embellished with 1,100 Swarovski crystals..

3. Viktoriia Apanasenko / Miss Ukraine

Miss Ukraine

Viktoriia Apanasenko wore a white gown with a gold bodice and a blue backpiece with feathers made to appear like wings that stretched during her catwalk.

Apanasenko told Insider that she came up with the idea for the outfit while watching the war in Ukraine and that it took four months to complete with limited resources and candlelight.

The model stated,

I see a lot of broken lives. Some people lose their homes. Some people lost their land. Some people lost their parents or children,” she said of Ukraine. “But every time I see strong power inside of people. That’s why I choose a warrior, because it shows how Ukrainians fight right now for the future, for their freedom, for their independence, for every inch of our land, and for our history.

4. Amanda Dudamel / Miss Venezuela

Miss Venezuela 

Dudamel donned a burgundy bodysuit since Venezuelan sports teams compete in the hue. The model was inspired by her country’s sporting teams and elevated them with her bodysuit.

She elevated the outfit with gold adornments, a gold cloak, and a gold soccer ball she held as a prop also known as Golden Ball.

5. Mia Mamede / Miss Brazil

Miss Brazil

Mia Mamede’s national costume gleamed with gems in various colors of blue and fringed sleeves.

Her boots were designed to imitate a fish’s tail, and the outfit was completed with a pearl set on top of the model’s head.

According to the Miss Universe presenters, Mia Mamede’s “goddess of the ocean” outfit represented the abundance and diversity of Brazil’s marine ecology.

6. Anna Linnikova / Miss Russia

Miss Russia

Atop the white ensemble, she donned a crimson velvet gown with short balloon sleeves. She accessorized with matching red shoes and a Russian imperial crown.

It was developed with the assistance of Russia’s State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg.

7. Alessia Rovegno / Miss Peru

Miss Peru

Alessia Rovegno’s ensemble, which comprised a bejeweled top, miniskirt, and cape-style backpiece, likewise celebrated women’s beauty and brightness.

It was made from reclaimed materials.

8. Celeste Cortesi / Miss Philippines

Miss Phillipines

Her red-and-gold ensemble included a gleaming bra, matching gloves, and knee-high boots. She also donned a gold star headpiece that matched her back rings.

Her clothing symbolizes her goal of defending those in need.

9. Alia Guindi / Miss Switzerland

Miss Switzerland

Alia Guindi’s dress pays homage to chocolate in numerous ways, as revealed by the Miss Universe organization during the contest.

Aside from the train, the outfit’s multicolored skirt and top were designed to appear like fruit, and the off-the-shoulder sleeves were inspired by cocoa leaves. Her backpiece resembled a cocoa leaf as well.

10. Soraya Kohlmann / Miss Germany

Miss Germany

Soraya Kohlmann wore a Swarovski crystal-adorned bodysuit and jacket with matching boots to take her own twist on one of Lagerfeld’s classic black ensembles.

She also brought a toy cat resembling Lagerfeld’s pet Choupette as a reminder of their shared concern for animal welfare

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