Top 5 Bad Moments from Pakistani Dramas in 2022

Warning: These scenes may cause you to cringe uncontrollably!

Pakistani dramas in 2022 have been a mixed bag. While we got to enjoy some great shows like Sang-e-MahMere Humsafar, and Sinf-e-Aahan, we also got served some hilariously bad stories with cringey moments.

This year also introduced us to some mind-bogglingly bad scenes that inspired the weili awaam to create hilarious memes on social media.

Here are Lens’s picks for the worst written scenes from popular Pakistani dramas in 2022:

Honorable Mentions

  1. Angna — Mommy Issues

The drama serial Angna had audiences fuming. The scene we picked is about a mother-in-law objecting to her bahu‘s choice of dress. On the other hand, her son, Zain, played by Ali Abbas, is happy with the outfit and is glad that his wife is wearing it.

However, Zain retracts his statement and tells his wife to change it. When she calls him out, he resorts to violence and slaps her.

2. Badzaat — How Hard is it to Say ‘No’?

Ali Abbas gets another honorable mention in this year’s worst-written scenes on TV with the drama serial Badzaat.

Wali (Imran Ashraf) and Daniyal (Ali Abbas) are cousins whose differences create destruction. Wali is compassionate and learns from his mistakes but Daniyal is the complete opposite and a spoiled brat.

Anabia (Urwa Hocane), being young and innocent, gets stuck in this web of conflict and family feuds.

3. Mein Aisi Kyun HunBaalon ka Maamla

The drama serial Mein Aisi Kyun Hun had the internet in knots with its rather interesting premise. A husband (Syed Jibran) and wife (Noor Zafar Khan) are out on their anniversary dinner. Apparently, in his universe, curly hair is a disease and he HATES twisty strands of hair with a passion.

It’s safe to assume he doesn’t like curly fries as well.

The husband feels cheated about his wife’s hair because the ‘sneaky’ girl had straightened her hair for all her rishta pictures. Now he is concerned that their daughter may inherit her unholy twizzler hairdo.

And here are our top 5 picks:

5. Aye Musht-e-Khaak —  Ramzan aaya, tauba karo jee

Aye Musht-e-Khaak became a source of hilarity when a video clip from the latest episode became viral. In it, Mustajab (Feroze Khan) talks to his wife (Sana Javed) about going on their honeymoon.

However, Dua is a devout woman and tries to get out of the plan with ‘religious’ reasons/excuses. The interaction is awkward, strange, and most of all, cringey.

View it at your own peril.

4. Ruposh50 Rupay Kaat Overacting Kay

Actor Haroon Kadwani has been labeled ‘the next Feroze Khan’, which seems to have gone over his head. This was pretty evident in his lead role with Kinza Hashmi in the Geo telefilm Ruposh (produced by his papa jaani).

Haroon Kadwani goes all out in this scene, channeling his ‘inspiration’ to give the audience some really raw emotions on screen.

Certainly an Oscar-worthy performance. He is living up to his mantle as the ‘next Feroze Khan’, albeit a sasta version, according to fans.

3. Habs — Bechari Ketchup Bhi Nahi Le Kar Gai

If you’re wondering why ketchup was trending on social media a couple of months ago, you can thank the writers of the ARY Digital drama serial Habs. Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah‘s Basit and Ayesha may be the stars of the serial but the young onscreen husband and wife, Amir and Zoya, stole the show and gave Pakistanis new couple goals.

dramas 2022

For context, Zoya’s unemployed husband is lectured by his parents for ordering pizza with his mother’s credit card. The incident was so stressful for poor Zoya that she grabs some slices of pizza and storms out of the room without the crucial condiment. This hurts her husband who protests to his parents.

After all, what is pizza without ketchup?

2. Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi — Danish Taimoor Turns into Uncle Majboor

The story revolves around Mehak (Dur-e-Fishan Saleem) and Shamsher (Danish Taimoor at his finest). Shamsher, the son of an influential businessman, is infatuated with Mehak, an innocent girl from a middle-class family.

dramas 2022

For some reason, Shamsher has the girl’s father imprisoned and forces her to plead her father’s case to him.

Danish Taimoor probably took inspiration from Uncle Majboor for this ‘romantic’ phone call.

And the winner for the worst written scene of 2022 dramas is…

1. Haqeeqat Judwaa: The Fiza/Shiza Conudrum

The anthology drama of the year, Haqeeqat Judwaa, had the internet in fits with its hilariously dumb scene about fraternal twins. A bride and groom have an awkward moment when it is revealed that they are married to their twin’s twins. One of the grooms, Zain, believes he is with his bride, Fiza (Kiran Tabeir), but it turns out that she is actually Fiza’s identical twin, Shiza.

dramas 2022

Basically, Fiza and Shiza are married to Zain and Faraz. Ironically, Faraz wears a Marvel tee during this multiverse of madness moment.

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