Viral Dance Girl Ayesha Mano Fails to Impress in New Dance Video

“Yeh nahi viral honi chor de mehnat”.

The overnight viral sensation, Ayesha Mano (aka the Mera Dil Yeh Pukaray Aja girl) just shared another dance number on her social media account but it failed to impress.

Clad in a dark green shalwar kameez and furry sliders, she lip-synced to the song Dil Tu Pehlay He Le Gya in it but left crickets chirping

As soon as this video surfaced online, netizens start trolling her for attempting to put so much effort into her videos as they don’t like her anymore.

Gone are the days when people showered their love on viral sensation Ayesha Mano. Netizens wrote some really mean comments under the video:

Ayesha Mano rose to fame with her dance on her friend’s mehndi function to the remixed version of Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja by the late Lata Mangeshkar. Subsequently, many Bollywood and local celebrities recreated her dance and she even got a marriage proposal from Bollywood actor, Faizan Ansari.

After she came into the spotlight, all of her activities came under public scrutiny. A video of her supposedly smoking weed went viral lately. Ayesha Mano neither reacted to nor commented on it, pretending that she didn’t care much.

People then started criticizing her for it and she lost quite a number of followers afterward.

Fame is a fleeting thing and we can’t really blame Ayesha Mano for trying to cash in on her initial success. What do you think?


  1. All people think she is a normal girl, so sympathy also work first time so quickly, there after her so many types of videos and her lifestyle came in ,then people realise that she belongs to a modern family and also she has a team for tiktok or social media, she is so smart, so popularity has been crashed into a negative mark.😂

  2. First dance, in my opinion was also not so impressive that went so trendy because first look who saw something new but if you look thrice or more you will sea her swinging and further it was accidental performance and the other was planned performance so it went wrong every where.

  3. When someone forgetting her value and capacity. Ayesha was feeling that she has accomplished a mission of climbing on K2 mountain but sadly she is no more on internet.