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In recent years Coke Studio has really made its mark on Pakistani pop culture. In 11 seasons, Coke Studio Pakistan has churned out its fair share of good and bad singles. But to be fair, there are some top Coke Studio songs that still deserve repeated listens day after day.

With original wonders like Dilruba Na Raazi, and atrocities like the Ko Ko Korina cover, Coke Studio songs have become a pop culture phenomenon. The current Coke Studio Pakistan season 11 however, was pretty forgettable for the most part.

For your listening pleasure, we have compiled a list of top Coke Studio songs that have become timeless classics.

List of Top Coke Studio Songs

Here are the top 10 Coke Studio songs to come out of the recording label.

1. Tajdar e Haram, Coke Studio

This Sufi song covered by Atif Aslam was all the rage back in 2015. The song was even played out of context in some cases. The Coke Studio Tajdar e Haram is one example of a song done right.

2. Afreen Afreen, Coke Studio

This song introduced the world to Momina Mustehsan. Unfortunately, that positive glow didn’t last.

3. Tera Woh Pyar, Coke Studio

This song saw the pop-star pairing of Asim Azhar and Momina Mustehsan.

4. Sammi Meri Waar, Coke Studio

This Umair Jaswal track is one of Coke Studio’s best redos. The Sufi song is both contemporary and traditional.

5. Aik Alif, Coke Studio

This is when Coke Studio started redoing Sufi songs. They paired up with some of the best in the folk music scene.

6. Bewaja, Coke Studio

This song saw the return of Nabeel Shaukat Ali the Sur Kshetra contestant.

7. Baazi, Coke Studio

This was Aima Baig’s first track with Coke Studio. The young artist equally matched the vocal strength of Sahir Ali Bagga.

8. Ki Banu Duniya Da, Coke Studio

This one’s from Coke Studio India, and merits a place in this list due to its popularity. This track is an example of how Coke Studio tried to integrate diversity and all the voices of all ethnic tracks in its compositions.

9. Charkha Nolakha, Coke Studio

Tracks like these introduced people to Sufi music with the sound of Atif Aslam.

10. Tu Kuja Man Kuja, Coke Studio

Another modern redo of a classic Sufi track.


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Which one is your top Coke Studio song from these?


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