TTP Accuses Aurat March Organizers of Blasphemy

They have threatened to take action against them.

Aurat March

Aurat March raised eyebrows for multiple reasons this year, and now the organizers have received threats from the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), over accusations of ‘blasphemy and obscenity.’

The TTP statement came on Friday, followed by numerous falsified imaged and video clips from the March 8th rally. Religious groups came out on the streets of several cities, demanding the government to prosecute the march organizers for blasphemy. In addition to that, the TTP also threatened the marchers and the organizers.

“We want to send a message to those organisations who are actively spreading obscenity and vulgarity in our beloved Pakistan. Fix your ways, there are still many young Muslims here who know how to protect Islam and the boundaries set by Allah.”

Image source: Twitter


Why is Aurat March targeted?

Earlier, a doctored video surfaced on social media, showing the participants chanting slogans. People claimed that participants had insulted Islamic figures and viewed it blasphemous. However, the organizers strongly denied the allegations.

“Each and every one of these allegations are completely false and part of a malicious campaign to silence women from speaking out about their rights.”

Similarly, a controversy was created where the Women’s Democratic Front‘s flag was interpreted as the French flag. They later cleared the air and said that their flag may apparently look similar to that of France, but it is quite different in terms and order of the colors.

“The WDF flag represents grassroots feminism in Pakistan and has nothing to do with the French flag. We, at WDF, stand against all forms of imperialism and the accusation that we would ever wave the flag of a former colonial power is ridiculous.”



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