Twitterati Slams Lamborghini’s Cringey Slam Poetry Commercial [Video]

“This advertisement feels like it was made by a high schooler.”

Italian super car brand Lamborghini just dropped a commercial for their new rally-inspired Huracán Sterrato and it is a cringefest.

From selling hawk fragrances to creating Spotify playlists based on engine sounds, Lamborghini has a knack for doing weird stuff while promoting its brand. However, this latest commercial by the luxury sports car brand certainly takes the cake.

Lamborghini make honey too!?

In a bid to appeal to the “young” and “hip” audience, Lambo came out with a cringey slam poetry commercial.

Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato

The commercial is your standard, by-the-books video montage of a model racing through a desert, performing drifts, and leaving behind a cartoonish trail of debris. The ad is sprinkled in with some fancy-looking people slow-motioning through the scenes.

The final cherry-on-top is a hilariously bad voiceover slam poetry full of vague clichés spoken in a gravely voice. At this moment, Lamborghini should have just hired the Epic Voice Guy (Jon Bailey).

Lamborghini Executives, Saanu vi choota de deyo

Obviously, Lamborghini has a lot on it plate, designing luxury sports car. Which is why, we’ve taken a few liberties to help “improve” their commercial tenfold. And no, Nida Yasir, we didn’t use any “Formula“. Check it out!

However, if the Lamborghini executives are hell bent on including slam poetry than who better than officer Schmidt (Jonah Hill) from 21 Jump Street.

Internet roasted the commercial for its cringey content. Here are a few hilarious reaction on Twitter.

One tweep wrote,

This advertisement feels like it was made by a high schooler. The product speaks for itself, so like, stop talking.

This netizen perfectly sums up the entire commercial with a drawing.

Netizens are having a hard time deciphering phrases like “dust is gold”.

Now we know why we don’t see Lamborghini ads on TV.

A very real explanation behind the ad.