Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin Break Their Fast Together

A Moment of Love!

Ushna Shah, the radiant Pakistani star, is over the moon with her decision to choose Hamza Amin, the skilled professional golf player, as her beloved partner.

The charming couple’s sweet and devoted love for each other has been capturing the hearts of fans all over social media.

However, a recent post shared by Hamza of him and Ushna enjoying an iftar date together has sparked some controversial comments from the public.

Take a look,

It is essential to know that Ushna and Hamza’s grand wedding ceremony received a lot of unwarranted criticism.

Despite the fact that the events were meticulously planned and executed, some social media users chose to focus on the actress’s attire and careless dancing.

The couple’s recent click, where Ushna is seen modestly dressed, with a beautiful ‘dupatta‘ draped over her head, as she and her partner break their fast, has received comments on the actress’s alleged double standards. Some users even pointed out that Ushna is wearing nail polish in the picture.

Interestingly, there are nail polish brands that have introduced formulas that are light-weight and allow water to penetrate through, making it possible for women to wear them and still perform ‘wudu‘ (ablution) before prayer.

While it is uncertain if Ushna is using one of these special nail polishes, it is vital not to jump to conclusions without knowing all the facts. After all, we should celebrate the diversity of personal choices and opinions.

We should celebrate the diversity of personal choices and opinions, and not be quick to judge others based on their appearance.

Ushna and Hamza’s love story is a beautiful example of how two people can find happiness despite societal pressures and expectations. Let’s focus on the positivity and love that they bring to our lives and support them on their journey together.

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