People Are Calling Out Ushna Shah for Sexist Remarks to a Pizza Delivery Guy

This is a PR disaster.

ushna shah

Ushna Shah just did a bad situation worse by acting like an entitled and privileged person. Apparently Ushna insulted and tormented a pizza delivery guy at 2:30am and that too by making him face ferocious pitbulls at that ungodly hour. She then went on to condone her own classism.

The thing about sexism is that men are often subjected to it too and it’s really about privilege. That’s what Ushna Shah ended up doing. Here’s the full story.

When a pizza delivery guy showed up and asked the Balaa actress to receive the food from the doorway, Ushna decided that it was better if the guy could come inside and face her pitbull as she told him to do.

The norm for any delivery is that you receive the food from your doorway, pay the man and he’s off. Sure if you’re disabled and ask nicely the man can place it closeby inside. It’s not their job to place it wherever in the house you want it.


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So the actress got pissed, tormented the man with sexist slurs, until he did as he was told because the man needs to get paid. Her choice of words speak for themselves:

She thinks the delivery guy was wrong

Ushna Shah was actually sharing the story as a triumph and didn’t realize how wrong she was. While plenty of her fans went on to like the tweet, good netizens called her out for using the power dynamic in that situation to torment a man.


Pitbulls are aggressive dogs. They were breed to be that way to fight mountain lions. Just like terriers are breed to have stronger smell to hunt.


People called out the actress’ privilege and how callous and sexist she had been.

Netizens want an apology for the pizza delivery guy:

Many were skeptical that the apology would we a PR pacifier, not a genuine apology.

Ushna Shah doesn’t know how to apologize

Rather than an apology, Ushna Shah put out an explanation on how she’s not sexist.

“Why else would I tweet it, look at my track record of discussing gender roles and generally the public stances I’ve taken for women, LGBTQ and the breakdown and stereotypical gender roles,”

She even ‘schooled’ Twitter on how she wasn’t goaded about her privilege, with ‘we’ve all been there right‘ logic. No, we haven’t exploited our position to torment a minimum wage employee like Ushna has here.

“The point of my tweet was to be honest about all of us using methods we aren’t proud of convey our message to the masses in society. Nobody is above it. Nobody is particularly proud of it either (I hope).”


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People weren’t happy about it. She still couldn’t apologize to that delivery boy.

Others just called out how she’s condoning her own classism.

Do you agree with Ushna here?


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  1. She wouldve been cursed and shown a finger at her door step and maybe the guy even had thrown the pizza on her face in this case if she was in Toronto. She knows very well that how she should’ve been treated here by the delivery guy and there’s a special word for the girls with such attitude that we all say…!!!

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