VIP Culture is Still Alive in Naya Pakistan

Naya Pakistan, new VIPs.


Prime Minister Imran Khan has always been critical of the VIP protocol provided in the country for politicians and other prominent figures. We have seen him making strong commitments for putting an end to the VIP culture during his pre-election campaign.

After emerging as the biggest party in the 2018 elections, PM Khan reaffirmed his stance against VIP protocol. After taking oath as the PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan banned special protocol for ministers, judicial officers and armed forces at the airports. Although, we haven’t seen Imran Khan personally taking huge protocols, but the actions of his ministers and party leaders are totally opposite to his.

As part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s plans of promoting tourism across the province, they recently opened a new tourist spot Samundar Katha Lake for the public. But it looks like Governor KPK Shah Farman was more eager to explore the new tourist spot. So eager that tourists who had actually paid for their trip faced inconvenience at the hands of officials.


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Governor KPK Gets VIP Treatment

A user on Twitter posted a video of Governor KPK taking a ride in a speed boat while the tourists were made to wait. It should be mentioned that the tourists had paid way before Governor KPK came and yet they were told to wait.

You can watch the video here:

Pakistan possesses a huge potential for tourism and this Government has taken steps for the promotion of this big industry. But such an attitude by the people in the government will not help them in any way in achieving their goals.


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The Federal Government expects tourism to add $7.1 billion to the economy of the country by the year 2025. But not with this kind of VIP culture that’s for sure.

Imran Khan’s Stepson Involved in a Hit-and-Run Incident

In other such incident, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s step-son, Ibrahim Maneka was also involved in abusing his position. He got away after being totaling someone else’s car last week, even going so far as to make threats to the victim.

In a typical VIP manner, here’s what he did:


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Pretty soon Ibrahim Maneeka’s brother stepped in for damage control but ended up inflicting more damage.

The victims have filed a case and expect things to be better in ‘Naya Pakistan. They also remember the DPO Pakpattan case, where the ex-husband of Bushra Bibi (Imran Khan’s wife) also got away while being probed by the police.

Will things turn out for the better? We hope the authorities remember why the people voted for them during the last elections.

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  1. Please add the Shahana protocol of Cheif Minister Punjab in the list.
    At many instances the administration has caused grave inconvenience to people of Dera Ghazi Khan for VIP movement of CM Punjab. At multiple instances they have closed central roads of the city including but not limited to Jampur road sometimes for even a half day for the VIP movement of his excellency.
    Feels like the change people voted for came, but it was for worse.
    The worst part is that the PM office has not taken notice of any of such events.

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