Viral Girl in Bikini Sparks Public Outrage in Lahore [Video]

The viral clip has sparked a debate about moral and ethical values in the country.

An unidentified woman caused a stir in Bahria Town, Lahore when she was filmed standing on the balcony of an apartment building near Jasmine Mall, wearing only a white bikini and holding a bouquet of red flowers. Passersby were shocked by her behavior and began filming her.

In the video clip, the woman can be seen posing for a photographer who was taking pictures of her from a distance, while a man wearing a white t-shirt stands beside her. The passersby continue to stare at her in shock.

It is unclear what the woman’s intentions were or if any legal action will be taken in response to the incident. But the video of the woman from Lahore has gone viral on social media and sparked a debate about moral and ethical values in the country.

According to reports, the incident caused a lot of buzz online with netizens trying to figure out if the couple are foreigners or locals. While social media users blamed the woman for being vulgar, others defend her by stating that people should not record or share the video clip of her on the internet without her consent as she is technically not out in public.


Some users even suggested that legal action should be taken because nudity attracts strict enforcement under the country’s conservative laws. The authenticity of the viral video is still yet to be verified.


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  1. And when Imran Khan asked for a appropriate dress code for women in the society,all stupids made it their forte to speak against it?

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