Viral Sensation ‘Daddy Cool’ Rejects Waqar Zaka’s Lucrative Offer

“Waqar Zaka ki selection nae hue”.

Abdul Waheed, popularly known as ‘Daddy Cool‘ on the internet, has turned down Waqar Zaka’s tempting offer of a business setup to help him earn his livelihood.

The former Living on the Edge viral contestant stayed true to his words as he said in an earlier interview that he doesn’t want people to pity him as he is content with what he earns.

Waqar Zaka came under public scrutiny after the viral contestant from his old reality show was spotted living in poverty by a local media channel. Netizens criticized Waqar Zaka for Abdul Waheed’s condition, accusing him and ARY of profiting off the former Living on the Edge contestant’s viral popularity.

Waqar Zaka

The not-so-successful cryptocurrency entrepreneur recently pledged to help ‘Daddy Cool’ start his own business as he sent out his team with an enticing offer. However, Abdul Waheed plainly refused the offer, stating he is content with what he earns.

Abdul Waheed was spotted at a Shahr-e-Faisal area in Karachi working as a motorcycle valet on Saturday. The now 60-year-old is unmarried and collects charged-parking tickets from morning to evening outside an office building.

Abdul Waheed was mocked on the internet for his strange expressions and his confused reaction after he was selected during the audition for ARY’s show, Living on the Edge several years ago.

The man who became a viral meme sensation after appearing on Waqar Zaka’s reality show now lives in poverty.


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