Waqar Zaka Launches His Political Party! [Memes]

Waqar bhai is coming!

Waqar Zaka

The struggle for unbanning PUBG has led Waqar Zaka to launch his own political party to bring an internet revolution in Pakistan.

The bottom line is simple; make Pakistan more technology friendly and the people more technology literate. Tehreek-e-Technology Pakistan or Technology Movement of Pakistan will not only fight against the ban culture, but will also make efforts to bring Amazon and cryptocurrency in Pakistan.

Last night, the VJ cum host announced the launch on his Twitter handle.

“Launching political party that will battle for bringing internet based revolution in Pakistan.”

In another video, Waqar Zaka said that the government is not focusing on technology-related issues and progress, which is why he is stepping in for the youth.


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While many are supporting their very own Waqar bhai in his fight for Digital Pakistan, many gave birth to hilarious memes. And we are always in for a good laugh, so let’s see how Twitter is doing right now.

Because star signs determine everything.

The return of Living on the Edge? Maybe.

Predictions were made.

And election symbols were also selected.

Waqar Zaka > PTA

Not impressed.

It is important to note that in April 2019, Waqar Zaka started the technology movement Tehreek-e-Tech, but we didn’t see the end of it. However, people are hopeful that Tehreek-e-Technology Pakistan will succeed in achieving its goals this time.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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  1. Now it will be prime responsibility of parents to make their children understand why limited access to Internet is important otherwise parents must have seen the kind of programme this gentleman perform on different channels

    • hahaa I think you are living in stone age, Nowadays Internet is compulsory for everyone there are huge number of Pakistani’s including kids who are earning through Internet and Waqar Zaka is one man army who is working to unban cryptocurrency in Pakistan he had previously done alot of work for humanity and Technology.

  2. This is the year 2044 ,Noble prize winner Waqar zaka has finally won elections after 21 years of campaign.
    He looks forward to bring a revolution in the field of technology by incorporating gameshows in the govt system.
    #CongratulationsWaqarZaka trends on twitter

    • He had also work for humanity and Technology before currently he is working to unban cryptocurrency in Pakistan he deserve to be minister.

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