Who is Aisha Linnea Akhtar and Why is She Trending in the Aima Baig Controversy?

Amidst the Aima-Shahbaz hullabaloo, another name is being highlighted — Aisha Linnea Akhtar’s.

Social media is abuzz with the ongoing controversy involving Aima Baig supposedly cheating on her now-former fiancé, Shahbaz Shigri. Aisha Linnea Akhtar is being highlighted in all the drama, but who is she?

Well, Shigri was previously married to the American-Pakistani model and actress, Aisha Linnea Akhtar. The two had dated for five years before they got married in 2014, but they later ended up getting divorced. Aisha since went on to remarry a businessman.

While Baig’s controversy is doing the rounds on the internet. Akhtar’s name has been dug up again.

Surprisingly, people are bashing Shigri for dumping Akhtar for Aima Baig. Twitter is spewing hate for Shigri but some of them are accusing Akhtar of dumping Shahbaz as well.

Take a look.

For the unversed, Baig recently shared posted a note on her Instagram account in an attempt to put an end to the rumors and speculations about herself and Shigri being together.

She declared that they had split but little did she know that posting this news would open a can of worms for her. Things sharply turned ugly for the Do Bol crooner when a British model, Taloulah Mair, came forward with shocking allegations about Baig.

She went on rampaging about Shigri’s ex and revealed what she claimed to be proof of the singer’s calls and messages with her own former boyfriend, Pakistani UK-based filmmaker Qes Ahmed.

Apparently, Ahmed was stringing Baig along, and he, too, shared numerous screenshots of their conversations.

Note that Baig was engaged at the time of her supposed communication with Ahmed.

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