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World Famous Korean Lifestyle Brand ‘Mumuso’ is Now in Pakistan [Pictures]

For all your household needs!


Korean brand ‘Mumuso’ has finally come to Pakistan. They opened their first retail outlet in Islamabad. And of course, they brought their famous Korean skincare products with them!

The launch for the first outlet in F-10 Markaz saw people in droves to check out the goods. The grand launch happened just this Saturday.

Mumuso launched in F-10 Markaz, Islamabad Pakistan

Besides your average shopper in Islamabad, Junaid Akram was there.


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Every customer found something that grabbed their interest.




Even the staff was pretty cheery.


One of the women who visited the store says how shopping here was more convenient for her, especially with the location they opened in.

For those lucky enough to make it to the opening, they were even given membership cards.

One of the staff members explained that the members can avail 15% off on all items for the next 30 days. What items exactly are we talking about here?

Mumuso – A Lifestyle Brand

Mumuso is basically a ‘lifestyle brand‘ that has numerous all-purpose stores. The point of these outlets is to get everything for your household under one roof. They sell everything from kitchen utensils, kids toys, toiletries and cosmetics to other knick-knacks you need around the house.

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan


Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan

Mumuso Pakistan


For those of you thinking, that sounds an awful lot like ‘Miniso’, the Japanese brand. Well, they do function on a similar principle but ‘Mumoso’ specifically brands themselves as a lifestyle brand, like Goop.

They’ll be introducing new items with every stock, rather than just staple items. In fact, the store will swap out the old wares for the new, for good. Whatever stock is currently available right now will not be part of the inventory the next time a customer walks in.

That way customers are introduced to new options every time they walk in. With Mumuso people have more options.

Mumoso is actually more famous around the globe compared to it’s other Asian counterparts. Now they’re finally in Pakistan!

Korean Skincare

Another thing Mumuso offers is more options in cosmetics and toiletries. Right down to female razors and manicure sets.

Since it’s a Korean brand they’re focused on skincare, not just make-up. There were entire shelves of green skincare products.



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Then there was also some unique skincare stuff like cow milk and snail extract products. They might sound a little weird but snail extract takes years off your face. (the real secret to ever-green skin?)




Horse oil was definitely the strangest thing in stock.


What could be better than Korean skincare?

For those who can’t make the walk to the store, well fret no more. Good thing their e-store is up and running and taking online orders.

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