Yasir Hussain Blasts Nausheen Shah: ‘What Is This Obsession with My Wedding?’

After Nausheen Shah’s remarks about ‘crashing celebrity weddings’, Yasir warns her to ‘mind her own business’

Yasir Hussain

Following Nausheen Shah’s remarks about ‘crashing celebrity weddings’, Yasir Hussain has warned her to mind her own business and get a life. The beef between the two celebrities doesn’t seem to resolve any time soon as the Jhooti star can’t seem to understand Nausheen Shah’s ‘obsession’ with his wedding which took place in December 2019.

Taking to his Instagram, Yasir Hussain responded to Nausheen Shah’s statement and said that she ‘forcefully’ invited herself to the wedding. He also claimed that she was very annoying and kept bugging his family and other guests. According to Yasir, Nausheen is still cashing on his wedding even though it’s been two years.


Furthermore, Yasir Hussain warned her that he will share proof on social media that Nausheen kept bugging him to get an invitation.

“What is this obsession with my wedding?,” he asked.


It is worthy to note that it was Yasir himself who started this controversy. When host Vasay Chaudhry asked him whether there were any guests who crashed his wedding festivities. Laughing on the matter, he said Nausheen ‘forcefully’ invited herself.


Following this, Vasay Chaudhry was called out for asking such an ‘irrelevant’ question, but the truth was later revealed by the director of the show, Nadeem Baig. In his appearance on Nida Yasir’s morning show, the Punab Nahi Jaungi director revealed;

“When my associate went up to him [Yasir] while his makeup was being done to know if he wanted anything included, Yasir told him to ask who attended his wedding uninvited.”

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