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Yasir Hussain Gets Called Out By Hania Amir Over Insensitive Comment

Acne is no laughing matter.


It seems like Yasir Hussain keeps getting into trouble, due to his tendency to make inappropriate remarks on social media. This time however, he may have gone a bit too far, getting into a social media sparring match with close friend and fellow celebrity Hania Amir.

Recently, Hania Amir shared a thought-provoking post about how celebrities like her have to battle it out against acne, a skin condition that can prove to be a bane for performers who are expected to look at their very best all the time.


Hania Amir Opens Up About Her Struggles with Acne

Amidst this, Yasir Hussain, who is a close friend of the Pakistani actress, decided to deliver a ‘not-so-witty’ quip about the whole situation on social media. He may have ended up going too far.

Here’s What Happened

It all started with Hania Amir’s post regarding the struggles she faced with acne:

She was applauded for being real by many people. Yasir Hussain didn’t think much of the seriousness behind her post and ended up responding with a one word caption:

Calling Hania ‘Danedaar’, a not-so-appropriate way of saying she’s covered with acne spots, was a big faux pas by the Pakistani actor. His friend certainly felt it wasn’t right and here’s how she responded:

She made it known that the joke wasn’t received well. And then went on to expand on the thought process why it wasn’t:

The matter should have ended here, but surprisingly, Yasir ended up digging a bigger hole for himself with another unthoughtful quip:

Yasir just brushed off the fact that what he said was in pretty poor taste, choosing instead to say that his ‘burger’ friend is too sophisticated to get his ‘joke’ involving the Urdu word for acne.

Concluding Thoughts

With the both of them being close friends, we hope better sense prevails and that Yasir Hussain realizes what he did wrong here.

After all, as public figures, their every interaction is bound to be scrutinized by many. Hopefully, someone realizes that there’s a fine line between jokes between friends, and when one has been taken too far.


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