Yasir Hussain Wants Ban on Diriliş Ertuğrul & Turkish Dramas on PTV

Do you agree with his views?

yasir hussain on dirilis etrugrul

Yasir Hussain, the famous actor from Baandi, took to his Instagram Stories to share his two cents on the Turkish drama Diriliş: Ertuğrul. that has taken Pakistan by storm. According to Yasir, PTV’s decision to air the show goes against the national interest and threatens the careers of local actors.

Here’s what Yasir said regarding PTV’s decision to air the show:



He feels that Turkish dramas may end up putting Pakistani actors, actresses and production crews out of a job if the trend keeps up.

Is Yasir Hussain right?

If you ask the majority of drama viewers countrywide, they believe that the Pakistani media industry seems to have been revolving around the same storylines for decades on end. We get these age old games of manipulation, be it between in-laws or lovers, as the main theme from most of the shows aired for public viewing.

And why would it be any different? Remember Mere Paas Tum Ho? It was one of the dramas that fall under the category of shows filled with twisted mind games, toxic masculinity, and evil, careerless women. Yet, its last episode had the 4th highest ratings in the country.



We get it, people love watching dramas filled with saas-bahu fights and love that could never last. Or at least, that’s all they can watch when it comes to local shows. But, is this all the Pakistani industry is capable of producing?

The release of the Turkish show Diriliş: Ertuğrul in Pakistan proved to be a massive success. So, it’s safe to say, that people here love seeing innovation and culture beyond saas-bahu fights in the shows that they watch.

Does more money always equate to more quality in the Pakistani drama landscape? Bashar Momin was said to be the most expensive show produced in Pakistan. Yet the writers could not think beyond the redundant themes of love, jealousy, hatred, and romance in that instead.



So, it’s sad to see actors, who happily sign shows as such, bash the national channels for airing Diriliş: Ertuğrul in Pakistan. Especially Yasir Hussain, whose new show Jhooti revolves around the story of a husband and a wife who constantly lie to each other. The show also features Yasir’s real life partner Iqra Aziz as his foil.

Interestingly, actress Mansha Pasha had some thoughts about why Pakistani dramas don’t reinvent the wheel with new themes and storyline. Mansha says that good productions run the risk of getting banned her, and that too for a myriad of different reasons.


Is she right though? The Laal Kabootar actress’s response assumes that producers should not even try by around the laws and still coming up with new and innovative ideas for scripts and production.

Movies like Maula Jatt should be taken as an inspiration here. A movie much anticipated by the viewers because of its uniqueness and quality.



Social media reactions

Many fans and followers took to social media to oppose Yasir Hussain’s argument against the Turkish drama:


We know there are talented people in our country who are capable of producing shows outside of the box and making waves with their creativity and innovation. But, all in due time perhaps!

What are your thoughts on Yasir Hussain and his call to ban Turkish dramas?


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Yasir is wrong because English dramas and movies have been aired on PTV before. Why was it not spoken at that time? Now a Turkish drama is being aired. You people are suffering because it is from Islam.

  2. Does Yasir Hussain drive a Mehran? Does he wear Pakistani brands? Holidays in Pakistan? We pay tax too. So hypocrites like him should keep their mouth shut. Pakistani producers, directors, and actors should step up. We the people/audience should have a choice on what we watch. Our younger generation was so badly influenced by Indian movies and series, this series is a blessing. As for us making such series locally – well we have a 73-year-old history…your comment is only proceeded in stupidity by Reema’s comment. So don’t feel insecure and work on material that gives people some knowledge and entertainment. No one stopped you working/making similar series but you (actors) choose series like Mere Pas Tum Ho and Jhooti because all you care about his a handsome cheque…so ssshhhhhh.

    • If ban on #Ertragrul then why not on payar lafzon ma kahan nagin tum hi ho hamari kahani tum hi ho and much more

  3. The comment by Yasir and Reema about The Turkish drama is rubbish. To avoid going into details or further justifications, I would like Yasir to name any drama in last 10 years was produced in your industry can be viewed comfortably with elders ,kids and families.what are the PG ratings, different story line and plot.
    Honestly, i restrict my family to watch local drama.

  4. When a B category actor like yasir give this statement definitely like to gain an attention, media around the globe broadcasting historical drama serial to enlighten their audiences along with entertainment. In this pandemic he got nothing else to do.

  5. Achi chiz par hi ban lagvana, apna khud ka aik kaam seedha nai, or chalay Han aik achay or full of civilized drama par ban lagvanay

  6. Not at all!!! we need to watch standard drama series : the islamic historical narratives with standarised acting by standarised world class characters. He should learn something from them instead of criticising them. Turkey is our friend country. How could you openly denounce pak turk friendship endeavours and their projects!!!?

  7. If u fulfil on standard of acting…. hope so u dont feel any insecurity from Turkish and other historical dramas…
    I feel proud k ptv na AK Asa historical drama lgaya h jis sa MUSLIMS apna khoya hoa mukam hasil kr skta h…. But ap jasa log iss cheez ko promote hota ni dakh skta DUE TO INFERIOR COMLEX….. phla to ap logo na ptv ko ko kbi pocha tk ni to ab ap log mushwra Dana a gay ha….I feel bad after learning ur comments….. That’s it….

  8. These Pakistani actors are just DUMB
    Can’t see anyone else succeeding. Agar itna hi khayal tha toh khd bana lo.

  9. lol, pakistani darama and film industry only focus on money, all entertainment focus on money no problem with that, but pakistani industry forgot that darama and film should be role model for society but they were keep showing cheap material and that material never brings good fortune for our society, actually pakistani darama industry is jelous now, that how is that possible that some things very decent like ertugrul achieve so much success they earn more than enough money plus they are ruling in people hearts now, ertugrul we can watch alone and also with family, but pakistani industry never care about society they only shows Saad bahoo, crying girls cruel man hahaha in this century, but but, “some daramas and movies were awesome like” me punjab nahee jaoungi ” sadkay tumhary and much more but sadly this kind of stories are rare, pakistani darama never shows something can help in education or culture or country development, when turkish took part in this, people like yasir wake up to stop sometimes is very important and good for our people, whoever work hard deserve job, respect and praising, even they are pakistani or not, pakistan is full of history, please instead of criticism hose to make darama and film can help our society to change in good ways help them to seek knowledge, not cheap stories like “wadera system, or boys run after girls, or mazloon biwi or mazloom shohar aur strick saas crying girls this is joke

  10. Yasir Hussain never voiced against Indian dramas and movies which were shown on both TV and cinemas . It raises a question why he is eloquent against turkish dramas which is both entertainment and cherishing muslim history. If he feels threatened and insecure then he should focus on his acting and pay less attention to attention seeking stunts like criticizing and photoshooting

  11. Yasir Hussain Sahb, hukumat ny on air Kiya Hai or awam dekh rahi hai.
    It is just because Diriliş Ertuğrul series has that credibility to catch public attention.
    Aap Pakistani dramas m potential paida kren ta k awam foreign series nah dekhy.
    You can also alleviate series on historic characters.
    If you people make up your mind to come out from behooda material like extra marital affairs.
    Otherwise we have #Netflix #Amazon
    We don’t need TV

  12. Why do you guys get annoyed when indian actors say the same about those Pakistani actors singer when they go to india. Be competent not impotent!!

  13. Reema g and yasir ,why r u scared with this series .reema g you have to need to learn acting first becoz u r unaware of acting plzz u r sitting in america and talking about pakistan .shame on u

  14. Instead of showing insecurities I believe local actors should take it as a challenge and come up to par or even better to compete with foreign content. Let the viewers decide what to watch and what not to based on merit. Ertugrul is a great production and more content like this must be aired to raise the bar high and create healthy competition.

  15. thus Hussein guy is speaking out of jealousy and his insecurity as a man. Pity on him. Hope not too many sad man like him in Pakistan

  16. Actully yasir want reman coppy cat. App log coppy kar k paisy barbad tou karna janty hain but khud key koi new creations buht miner hain.

  17. I personally liking ertugal gazi that much, in just last 3 days I watched 30 episode. Really, good drama, many lessons. I am.disappointed as after 25 episodes there is change in Urdu dubbing voice and in background music which was really impressive. I am watching bit at Youtube
    Please continue.
    As about fear of jobs, talent cannot be hidden, trust in yourself

  18. We don’t want to watch dramas like JHOOTI?Ertugrul series reveals our magnificent history and shows us what we were. If our industry cannot make dramas like this so our actors have no right to oppose these kind of dramas.This is ISLAM Sir not Turkey.

  19. This is ur fate Yasir and other drama actors. Have u seen PTV dramas of 90s. Was not that local contents?could be seen with all family members in TV lounges. People still remember those days. Now what rubbish private chanels are offering. Just acting of bullshit. What are standard for today’s ur dramas. Like Jhoote, mere pass run Ho, devange revlovling around:
    Love marriage, arrange marriage, court marriage, no marriage.

  20. Everyone wants to have good shows as ertugrul i think yasir hussain should appreciate the marvellous series based on islam rather than criticize it.pakistan shud also portray such pieces of history. we also love and respect our actors but they shud not take it tooooo personally

  21. Rubbish comments by Yasir and Reema. just jealousy and insecurity for those who are not on Merit. even Mr Shan comments are very shocking. All criticism is planned by our media who has lost their credibility and rating after this drama. can yasir or shaan or any so called actor tell the name of drama in last 2 decades due to which National channel was renowned ? just jealousy and insecurity.

  22. It’s a history of Turk Muslims so AZ a Muslim you should respect them both carecters and actors don’t be ridiculous saying that thay are going to take your jobs no one can give or take anything from you espect Allah so plz them of

  23. Yasir you are wrong ???????
    Achi chiz to chaly nhi dana tm such bto thumaray saat kon say asay Agent hn jo ya drama bad karny per majboor kar rahay hn

  24. A.o.a..yasir sahb jub pakistani channels per aisy turkish dramas lgty thay jin may sirf romantic stories huti thein..tb aap bolay nahen….or aub jub aik islamic history per series lgi ju k humari real history hy tu aap ku bhe baki liberals ki trhan gussa aaraha. Ye humari history hy ju ertugral may dikhai jarahee hy..awam ku passand hy…awam ku iss series per koe tahafuzatt nahe hain.

  25. Who the hell is yasir to give such suggestion. He should focus on his work earn some fame come up with some interesting n informative dramas or movies then he is eligible to give remarks

  26. That’s rubbish. It’s a best drama not only for youngsters but also for kids and also a best way to learn Islam’s history

  27. Turkish and pakistan been historically friends.This drama strengthens 2 countries relationship .And Yasir is not an actor of calibre .This is a wonderful drama .Hollywood ki films like first knight,the message,brave heart is shown on TV in past .Turkish drama Ishqe majnoon was also super and extremely famous in pakistan

  28. Yasir hussain is useless in this discussion. it’s about time that third rate Pakistani celebrities, artists, producers get a wake up call about creating content that the public wants. Instead of cheap, mindless, cheesy dramas and movies that are third rate and are just copy trash knockoffs of similar material from Hollywood and Bollywood …the Pakistan public has shown through its viewership what it wants. Thanks to Turkish cinema and drama – such changes may finally come here.

  29. What is the problem with these lollywood actors that they are not understanding that this drama serial #Ertragrul is all about the history. They are showing something very good and moralful. What is our industry showing??? They are just showing that how. The woman ran from has house. How they are making fun of hijab (that how tricky she is) they are just showing that the woman is crying crying and just crying. How sass and bahu ate fighting. How. Is that guy in #jeetopakistan calling girls out……. I need girls where are girls see how non-sence he is and how ideot tgat girls are that they just forget about there respect…..lol anddd if they make something on history or like that they will make it shameless and then people will protest and it will be banned………… this is what our industry is showing but few of these work is highly appreciable like #khaani #cheekh #ruswai etc. No one Is protesting against these drama and this. Serial should not be banned. I think we should make pis hound generation capable for making money out of hand then body as education is very important for us all

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