Yasra Rizvi: ‘Being Pregnant Is Not the Only Accomplishment You Must Celebrate Me For’

The actress laments how people fixated over her pregnancy rather than her recent achievement.

Yasra Rizvi

Pakistani actress and writer Yasra Rizvi is expecting her first child with husband Abdul Hadi. She broke the exciting news on social media and shared pictures of her baby bump.


Yasra Rizvi as a working woman

In both the photos, Yasra can be seen reading a script, clearly giving us a hint that she is working on a new project. But people only noticed her baby bump and rushed to congratulate her. While the actress appreciated all the kind words and good wishes, it was disheartening for her to see that her pregnancy was the only takeaway from the photos.

People didn’t give it a second thought that a pregnant ‘working woman’ is working hard for her dreams. Actress Jenaan Hussain, who also happens to be the Churail actor’s sister-in-law re-posted her photo and explained why people should celebrate the capabilities of a woman.

“This post is actually about a woman inspiring other women to do and be whatever and whoever they wish to be at any point in their lives regardless of their age and domestic commitments.”


The stars had a lot to say

Pregnancy is not the only accomplishment we should be celebrating.

“Its not about ‘oh look I am pregnant and thats the only accomplishment you must celebrate me for’ but taking things in your stride, being this pregnant and directing a high pressure set is just the kinda thing only a woman can pull off, just like her a lot of women around us everyday juggle between the most daunting tasks and nail it and some get trapped in myths and preconceived dont’s.”

In conclusion, she made it loud and clear,

“Women are doers, and if there is a time to stop underestimating us and what all we are capable of it’s now!”

Yasra Rizvi again shared the post on her stories and wrote,

“In our country, the newsworthy bit is that I am pregnant. Not the fact that I am also directing probably the most important script I have gotten to direct so far while due any time now! Indeed we are a nation totally obsessed with marriage and one’s ability to procreate.”


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  1. Well general public and maybe even her peers did not know she was working on an important script. Also, why is she treating home makers as something not to be appreciated for? Home makers is a real job and takes a lot of effort to keep the home clean and taking care of its people, pregnant or not. What you do is nothing special but we congratulate you for being pregnant. Next time just take the compliment.

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