Yogi Hira Mani is Major Fitness Goals in Latest Video

Now we know the secret to her svelte figure.

Our Pakistani divas always look gorgeous no matter what, and as it turns out most of them, if not all, follow a regular workout routine at home or at the gym. That’s the secret of their flawless looks despite their age, workloads, or routines. One of these super-women is Hira Mani.

Regardless of being a mother to two boys, the actress has a toned and perfect body like any other young and single actress out there. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy body and acing all her roles is just outstanding, to say the least.

If you want to get some inspiration and tips for a home-based workout, take notes from the Ghalati star herself.

Hira Mani is a popular TV actress and model who made a name for herself in hit drama serials like Do Bol, Kashf, and Mere Pass Tum Ho. She also labeled herself as a singer since her most recent single, Taare, with Raafay Israr.

However, Hira Mani’s work is often overshadowed by her public persona which involves dumb comments, promoting ill-advised products, taking selfies in an airplane lavatory, or making psychotic random reels. Nonetheless, her peculiar behavior on social media is pure entertainment.


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