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Young Girl Killed In Shoot-Out Between Dolphin Force And Robbers

Questions are being asked about the special crime unit’s professionalism

The Dolphin Force had an armed encounter with a group of suspected robbers near the Punjab University in Lahore. The incident resulted in the death of a young girl caught in the middle of the crossfire.



The Dolphin Force is special law enforcement designed to capture criminals. This special unit has often been a subject of criticism as their actions have landed them in trouble too many times. The Dolphin Force is known to proceed forward to armed encounters without thinking about the well-being and safety of the civilians nearby.




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Thus, their procedure of watching criminals has resulted in injuries to people and, sometimes, even death. The latter was the case for a 22-year-old Fatima, who was on her way to work when she became the latest victim of the Dolphin Force’s reckless encounter.



Fatima is a 22-year-old call center employee from Lahore. The young woman was on her way to work with her father, Aslam Hassan, who was going to drop her at her workplace. Just near the Punjab University around noon, Fatima was struck by a stray bullet in the neck, which resulted in her death.



The shoot-out on a crowded road, in broad daylight, has raised questions about the professionalism and tactics of the Dolphin Force. Many people are outraged that this unit decided to chase the criminals on the city roads.

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via Dawn News


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Written by Sher Alam


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  1. Absolutely disgusted this is an awful act how careless could they be another innocent life lost. My heart goes out to her family may Allah swt gives them strength and may she rest in peace.

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