Has CCPO Lahore Been Sent Home on Forced Leave?

Here’s what his leave application states.

Lahore CCPO Umer Sheikh Forced Leave

The Capital City Police Officer [CCPO], Lahore Police, Umar Sheikh, has been in the limelight since the motorway rape case incident. At first, he came under fire for his insensitive remarks against the rape victim, but as more developments come forward, the public has been questioning his capabilities as a police officer.

Rumors were circling around on the internet that Sheikh has been ‘sent home on a forced leave’. But there are two conflicting reports that have made matters more confusing for the public.

There is also a leave application that was submitted by the CCPO that suggests that he is simply taking a ‘casual leave’ because his daughter is in the hospital. As per government officials on social media, the CCPO cited this reason for taking time off work:

It is submitted that I have to look after my ailing daughter admitted to hospital. Please allow me three days [of] casual leave from 21.10.2020 to 23.10.2020.

In his application, Omar Sheikh also mentioned that Lahore’s Operations Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Muhammad Ashfaq Khan will be in charge of the post of CCPO while also conducting his own duties as a DIG.

Focal Person (Digital Media) to CM Punjab, Azhar Mashwani also tweeted out the response of police officials in this regard.



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