WordPress Karachi Meetup Successfully Concludes with 125 Attendees

By Waseem Abbas

Do you know about the WordPress Karachi Meetup? Are you in Karachi and wanted to be a part of future meetups? We had a great event last Saturday with over 125 attendees at The Mind Gym – The Nest I/O.

What Was The Agenda?


As you all know, Pakistan is now in the leading numbers on Freelancers.com and other websites. WordPress projects are an important part of this success.

Mostly freelancers are working on WordPress websites to make their life. WordPress is used by 26% of websites in the world.

In WordPress Karachi Meetup, we discussed about WordPress Security and Possibilities. There were two sessions, each one of them conducted by Ahsan Parwez and Usman Khalid.

Networking Activity


After the amazing sessions by our talented speakers, we did a networking activity where everyone meet and greet with their neighbor fellow by shaking hand and sharing about their work.

This activity breaks the ice between attendees. It brings out the enthusiasm in people to come forward and share about their work from the deck.

Did You Get The Swag?


The attendees of left the room with a beautiful spiral diary and laptop stickers branded by WordPress Karachi Meetup logo.

It was fun sharing the swag with the community. People love to take something back home.

Refreshments Energized Us

Want to eat a samosa with a cup of tea? After the meetup, we had a fun session of networking with the greasy hot samosa and smoky hot tea.

It was fun sharing knowledge about the technology startups and freelancers working on different online projects.

What’s Next?

We will be arranging these meetups every month now.

You can join our WordPress Karachi Meetup group to become a part of the future events.

  • Nice to see many people! but where is the villain of wordpress community Ahmed Awais? I am sure he was not allowed by organizers:D

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