ProPropertyNewsIllegal Vendors Reappear After Grand Anti Encroachment Operation in Rawalpindi

Illegal Vendors Reappear After Grand Anti Encroachment Operation in Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: In response to directives from Inspector General of Police Dr. Usman Anwar and the traffic police DIG, a comprehensive operation targeting vendors and illegal parking was initiated in the city.

During this operation, numerous kiosks, stalls, and vendors were removed from the roads, with the police taking custody of their belongings.

However, despite these efforts, the attempt to eradicate encroachments proved unsuccessful as the stalls and vendors reappeared on the roads within a mere 24 hours after the operation.

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Some vendors claimed that they received prior information from concerned officials about impending crackdowns against encroachments.

One vendor stated, “It is a common practice that whenever the anti-encroachment exercise occurs once a month, the vendors disappear temporarily.

However, they quickly return to the roads and footpaths as soon as the authorities move on.”

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Following the orders of the IGP, the traffic police cleared various areas such as Raja Bazar, and seized properties.

Additionally, more than 80 vehicles and motorcycles were issued challan tickets for parking violations.

A police spokesman highlighted that a significant operation was launched against the “encroachment mafia” in Bara Bazar, Imperial Market, Liaquat Road, Raja Bazar, and other areas, including action against roadside vendors.

Moreover, traffic police officers have been deployed in collaboration with relevant organizations to combat encroachments.

The spokesman affirmed that strict monitoring would be maintained after the anti-encroachment operation to deter encroachers, resulting in improved traffic flow.

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Furthermore, the education wing has been assigned specific tasks to educate citizens about parking regulations and other traffic rules.

However, despite the directives of Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha, who serves as the administrator of Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC), the civic body has struggled to eliminate encroachments from areas like Commercial Market, Murree Road, Bara Bazaar, Raja Bazaar, and their surroundings.

The RMC had plans to clear these roads of all encroachments, including Commercial Market, Murree Road, Bara Bazaar, Bazaar Talwaran, Sabzi Mandi, and China Market.

Besides, notices were also issued to shopkeepers on May 8, urging them to remove encroachments in front of their shops and footpaths.

However, the deadline has passed without effective action. Encroachments in the garrison city have resulted in deteriorating markets and bazaars, highlighting the poor performance of the civic body.

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Moving around the downtown area has become increasingly challenging, with frequent traffic jams attributed to these encroachments.

A senior official from the district administration assured that Murree Road would soon be transformed into a model area, where illegal stalls would not be allowed. Action will be taken against shop owners who permit such stalls and carts to occupy space in front of their shops.

The official added that the anti-encroachment operation is being conducted in collaboration with the business community, which has expressed interest in ending encroachments.

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Shahid Ghafoor Paracha, President of the Rawalpindi Traders Association, emphasized the need to clear roads and footpaths of encroachments to facilitate customers’ visits to bazaars and markets.

He also highlighted the necessity of constructing parking plazas in different areas to encourage people to park their vehicles there rather than on the roadsides.

Paracha stressed that the existing Fawara Chowk Parking Plaza is inadequate to meet the demand for parking spaces.


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    1. What about Rawalpindi Cantonment board ? Worst situation is also their but no body takes initiative.

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