• KAM1779

    Package is not good becuase u fone offer BIS Service fee 900 plus tax .

  • zee jay

    The installment plan is RIDICULOUS.

    For the BOLD phone, you will end up paying 5000*24 = 120,000. And the phone costs 45000.


    • this must be a joke, i m agree with ur huh

  • A for apple

    Essentially, I am paying 96K for bold and 72K for curve when I am on installment plan… wow, thats a rip off!
    (5000 – 1000 = 4000 * 24 = 96k)

  • ahmad

    but it will cost too much to go for instalments.
    for Bold 9000 Rs 5000*12*2 = 120,000
    for curv 8900 it would be 4000*12*2= 96000

    what a justic with 1000 less per month
    i.e for Bold 120,000-24000 = Rs 96000
    For Curve 960000-24000 = Rs 72000

  • Amir

    Isn’t it very much expensive as Blackberry Bold 9000 will cost Rs. 96,000 and 8900 curve will be of Rs. 72,000.

    • Mudassar Mir

      We are offering the best rates and packages of BIS on all models of Blackberry in the market, by Mobilink.

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  • techie

    whats so new abt it? Black berry and zong doesnt make any match.. pathetic service.

  • RAR

    The Installment plan is very very very costly it means one have to pay Rs. 120,000 for two years to Zong why should not buy these sets on cash from any where else. As warid is already giving these sets on Discounted rate to its corporate cutomers.

  • Qudsia Jamaal

    Rs. 1,000 + tax (monthly fee)* 24 = 24,000

    Bold 9000: Rs. 4,000 * 24 = 96,000
    96,000 + 24,000 = 120,000 per year approx.

    Curve 8900: Rs. 3,000 * 24 = 72,000
    72,000 + 24,000 = 96,000 per year approx.

    Market Price is :
    Blackberry Bold 9000: Rs. 45,000
    Blackberry Curve 8900: Rs. 40,000

    Both the sets are almost twice expensive as available in the market, only the good point in this offer is that user who don’t pay one time can avail this but its too expensive.
    Zong is looting the customers.

    • Asif

      the worse part is that zong still has serious indoor coverage issue. they should work on signal strength and its penetration rather than introducing BB, this is very premature step indeed.

  • Goldenshakehand

    Installment option is tooooo costly.

    The profit OF zong is not less then 96000 after two year. In 96000 i didnt calculated service charges which would be 24000 after 2 years.

    if zong offers a package : give 5000 for 9 months and make agreement with custmor about the usage for 4 years continusly then this will be afordable for customer and company as well.

  • Goldenshakehand

    Installment option is tooooo costly.

    The profit OF zong is not less then 96000 after two year. In 96000 i didnt calculated service charges which would be 24000 after 2 years.

    if zong offers a package : give 5000 for 12 months ( which include service charges) and make agreement with customr about the usage for 4 years continusly then this will be afordable for customer and company as well.

  • Goldenshakehand

    Years of agreement can be increase for max profit. because black berry corporate usage will not only use blackberry services.. he will certainly use SMS and call aswell. So 4 year of regular use will be a healthy profit for telco .

  • agreed for zong looting customers, I was expecting something cheap from them, but they broke my expectations.

  • It’s much expensive.

  • Abdullah

    I am wondering if these are serious rates?

    Blackberry Bold 9000: Rs. 45,000
    Bold 9000: Rs. 5,000 per month for 2 years = 5000 * 24 = 120000.

    Wow, thats total crap. I wonder if a single person is going to buy this retarded package.

    Good Luck Zong, for one black berry, her maheene apna sub kuch dedo, woh bhi poore do saal tak.

  • Zubair

    but you can buy blackberry bold in normal market in rs.37000/ and is unloked all network i bought from hyderbad and working perfect

  • khan

    waht a foregry

  • Shahnawaz Awan

    Its really ridiculous installment plan…

  • Haris

    Watch this offer and compare with the sab de do offer lolz warid rocksssssss


  • taimoor

    i’ll prefer IPhone. they should have introduced IPhone plan’s rather than BlackBerry.

  • A.R.S.

    ya they should have introduced iphone but they cant cause they don’t have 3g yet by the way they should consider revising there installment plan it sucks big time,It’s a great step froward by ZONG …

  • farhan


  • tariq

    I think this a weak offer by Zong. I can’t expect this kind of offer from a MNC.

  • Adeel

    PTCL introduces premium (golden and platinum) number service but, unfortunately, you cannot suggest your own number!:



    lol!!! i wonder if thz blackberries wud be in!!! think 2012… i guess new technology will be thr!!! wht if thz blackberriez were outdated then???

  • Nadeem Fazal

    Too much expensive.

  • @T@

    comment shoment kia dainay… muje in k baray me kuch pta he nae hai…

    simply thts just a joke…

  • Market Price is not that expensive as people have posted.

    Guys WAKE UP!!

    this is not a package that any next door neighbour can get. This is just for Rich Class People who just want to wash their money in different directions.

  • khurram

    deal is so expensive its better to buy a apple 3GS phone.

  • Muhammad Arif

    this is nice plan but only for that person who is mently lost…..

    bcz only that can give 120000 instead of 45000
    Please Inform me when anyone purchase on this plan…
    I want to meet that Special person

  • raway

    beta china ka le lo 6000 ka hai lush pash and tv wala black 7500 ka . geo china

  • Shahzad

    The mount you spent on this stupid BB offer, you can buy

    1. Sony VAIO Laptop ~ 60000
    2. A good mobile set ~ 20000
    3. DSL free for the whole year
    4. Mobile internet for the whole year

    Still you will left with the money yaar !

  • Zaheer

    Bakwas ha yar zong ka set lyna 5000 + 1000 = 6000 * 24 = 144000 HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  • salman shah bukhari

    I cant not agry blackberry price i think this offer is very week bcz show prise is diffrent & real is over.

    • hyder

      no yr ofer is very bad

  • its much expinsive
    if any one buy it he is totaly foll person in this world….

  • hyder

    yar wow black bery zong thnx for give me my dream

  • soni

    kia pakistan jyse country mai aisi offer sy logun ko lutna jaiz kam hy ..sorry bt ayk normal insan itna fazool kharch ho hi nai skta

  • Maher

    Jis mulq kay leaders hi mulq ko loot rahay hoo wahan ZOng thora lot lay to kisi kay baab ka kia jata haai ;) jaya ga to sab Swiss Accnt mein na ;)

    Totally crap offer, I am sure Zong could not sell even 1 set in this offer…

  • You guys can avail handsets on cash very reasonable price:
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    Strom2 9550 Rs.31500+Tax

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  • I confused value of bb

  • aman Khan

    if a person already has Blackberry set, can you provide services on that set. such as blackberry messenger etc

  • this blackberry is too much expensive. not a good offer of zong.

  • BB 8900 is most loving and is in suitable price…….



  • sam from vodacom

    Actually zong is so expensive then others if you go on internationally level.they are making fool to innocent peoples of pakistan