• http://propakistani.pk Muhammad Zohair Chohan

    The whole thing depends on the charges, so lets hope they are not too high :D

    • Usman

      they are costly . thumbs down

  • AA

    It’s too early to launch such products. Pakistan’s market is not mature enough or may be economic condition of general public is not that good. This is my view, obviously telenor has experts working on it, however i feel that telenor will spread the public awareness and real advantage will be picked up by other operators whole will launch their services at later stage (they won’t have to spread too much on public awareness). Anyways, positive move by Pakistan telecom sector -:)

  • thebadshaw

    One small correction in the registration process

    “Subscriber create’s five digit PIN after you receive the call back and subscriber is successfully registered “

    • admin

      Thank you – you are right, post updated

  • Kashif Bashir

    look at the charges, certainly its gonna flow idea.

  • Umer Bajwah

    not worth it, unless there is no ATM nearby.

  • H.

    Very valuable service specially for people who are on the move and have little time for bill payments etc.

    One objection though. Their FAQ states that they implement ATM-like security, whereas it seems that they’re only using USSD. An ATM transaction’s security relies on encryption of data at ATM’s end, and decryption ONLY at the financial system’s end. This ensures that no one sniffs confidential information. I don’t see how that’s being implemented here, since a USSD message can easily be intercepted by someone administrating the USSD gateway.

  • http://aijazzz.com aijaz

    Security is the big question here and some expert must investigate it before its too long. I remember one post on propakistani mentioning breaking of gsm encryption anyways.

  • http://aijazzz.com aijaz

    long = late

  • ali

    Easy Paisa
    is a BIG cheating, any way you have to pay commission Deposit or withdraw money,if any problem you have to run many time telenor office. make long que, and after that “SORRY” and comeback again,
    its NEW service and have lot of hidden problem

    • Omar Malik


      Deposit charges have now been withdrawn and Money Transfer charges have been reduced. Smaller slabs have been introduced on Money Transfer from Mobile Account as well.

  • Muhammad Shahryar

    The whole game is of charges………..the people could not afford, and they can have a similar service with lower expanses from any bank.

  • Rizwan

    Easy Paisa Service Charges are much as compared to all Commercial Banks,There is no doubt that lot of Bank Branches are working in every city of Pakistan so there is no need to use this service.
    This is my view……….

  • Asif Sajjad

    This service is bullshit……
    Charges are toooooooo high !!!

    • Kashif

      I agree with you !!!!!!!!

  • Abdul Qayyum

    Yep, this is really a amazing awareness for rest of the operators, they might be coming with more optimizated solution with same or enhanced services in order to minimized the charges so that competition can be won.

    Thanks to Telenor

  • Muhammad Zahoor


    Yes, this is really a amazing awareness for rest of the operators, they might be coming with more optimizated solution with same or enhanced services in order to minimized the charges so that competition can be won.
    Thanks telenor

    Muhammad Zahoor

  • zakir hussain

    mobile accountis the best

  • Rashid Sohail

    telenor pakistan lounch a good facilty for the the customer i think telenor network is best network of the pakistan i am alerdy user the telenor my number is 0343 6755255 i like this network

    slam to telenor

  • ahsan

    ok buddya
    today i used it i purchased an item worth 1300 from someone in karachi,i paid through telenor easy paisa, he gaveme cnic and name and phone number i went to easy paisa shop in karachi company in islamabad , i paid 1420 rs.. i.e 1300 + 120 rs .. and 120 rs for transaction.. which is pretty expensive.. i got a messagage to pay 1420 rs to the merchant..from telenor so i paid..

  • asif raza

    gooood service but charges is verrrrrrrrrry high.

  • safdar

    chabble company ti chabble service

  • safdar

    band kro yi tamasha

  • waseem

    salam ! easy paisa is the best account for students etc but it has one deficiency
    easy paisa account ATM b provide krta tu ziada behtr tha

  • Ghulam rasool

    I want to make easy paisa mobile account

  • Ghulam rasool

    I want to make easy paisa mobile account, who help me?

  • http://www.igiprojects.tk Nadeem Javed

    Easy Paisa Mobile Account Bekaar Hai!!!!!!!!!!!

  • muhammad saleem

    please provide the facility of world call net bill through eazy paisa. i can paid credit card bill. and transaction to national bank pls account with each other

  • humayun

    ye bohat achha system hy bs mai ye chahta hon k jis tarah telenor sim ka call record net pe show hota hy esi tarah easy paisa account say jo transect ion hoti hen wo b net pe log in ho kr show hon.

  • aslamkhan

    yes, mr. Humayun, the same thing i also noticed. easypaisa really work best…which has eased our life.

    • khan

      mara easy paisa k account block ho ga us ko open kirna ha agir open kir sakta to call kira 03436201538 pa

  • Muhammad Sabir

    sab se gandi service hai easy paisa ki yeh to logon ko zaleel kar rahe hain agar mere bus main ho to in ko maza chakha don

  • sahil

    how can i get record of money i had sent before..any body plz answer.i m in a little trouble

  • Rais Ghouri

    sahi ha account banwana

  • Nauman Ali

    Please keep one kind of kind and give all customers to one kinds services..

    • Hashim Gadi

      ap mujhy yih sakty hain k account kaisy bnta hy