Telenor Easy Paisa is Back, with a New Product

We have mentioned before that Telenor’s Easy Paisa’s earlier products, i.e. bill payments and money transfer through EP outlets, were just the beginning. Further products in pipeline were pretty evident, which we had expected to surface with time.

Telenor says they were able to do as many as 420,000 bill payment transactions and about 120,000 Money Transfer transactions since the launch of Easy Paisa.

Now, Telenor has announced that they are launching another Easy Paisa product today. We won’t unveil the information for now, as there is prize you can win by guessing the upcoming Easy Paisa product.

So point to this link and guess what’s next product from Easy Paisa’s house:

By the way, this promotion is not open to employees, service providers, agencies and third party staff/facilitators of Telenor Pakistan or any person directly or indirectly involved in the running of this promotion.

Product launch event is scheduled today at 6:45 PM PST in Karachi.

Visit back in the evening for complete details, product review and analysis.

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