• kashif

    I dont know if this is Ufone’s mistake or admin’s. The town name is Chak Jhumra not Jhamroo.

  • Gohar

    lady,s pakg is far more better than this LBC pakg

  • its not good that not a single company think about peshawar then they offer such packages for peshawar ppl???

  • Fatima

    wow! lucky Faisalabad!
    First Karachi and then fsd..
    Why not lahore and Islamabad?
    Maybe they come to our home cities too!

  • Sheraz Ak

    Aamir is right.
    why is every single company neglecting Peshawar. It is for all the times. There should be a reason. Peshawar has been treated like it was never a part of Pakistan.
    Am I right?

  • Khalid Chaudhry

    Zabardast uf0ne…

  • Yep I also Think Propakistan Should Post on this matter also

    Because peshawar is not a small city it is the capital of KpK but still we are waiting to hear some good news

  • Good to see an exclusive offer for residents of faisalabad

  • Ufone is a Pakistani Mobile Company so it is good to see Ufone offering regional packages for cities in Pakistan

  • Saad

    Another great offer !!!!

  • such

    You simply copied it from ufone site you think its right.But when someone else copied from same source you say its not good.

  • haris

    great !!!!

  • sami ullah

    mola khush rakhy
    gor kro iss gal tey