• Omer

    Seems like that magazine needs to know that Ufone charges for it’s helplines

  • altamash

    yeah, but it does so openly, not like other operators, especially lame-o-link, which does not miss out on any opportunity to rip its customers off

  • Ahmed

    Only they need to stop sms spamming their shit to us. We dont need to know about their new packages on a daily basis!

  • Hamid Umair

    Great achievement of Ufone that make us pride as a Pakistani as well that Ufone as being Pakistani Company have achieved this milestone

  • Usman

    We must apprecaite Ufone for this achievement.

  • khan

    Well done Ufone…

  • javed ali

    i like ufones cdr service

  • javed ali

    ufone is best suited to me

  • javed ali

    cdr service is just as u sow,so shall u reap ,for the weak