• Galaxy grand will be a nice addition indeed to samsung’s smartphone series. screen resolution of 480×800 pixels. will give awesome video/pic quality on a 5″ screen.

    • Ali_Amjad

      So you call a screen resolution of 480×800 on a 5 inch screen awesome? bro, it will result in only 187 ppi pixel density which is below par. Moreover, WVGA TFT Touch Screen is not as good as a Super AMOLED or Super LCD. Hence, the display quality on this phone will be below par. Apart from the Size of the screen of this phone, nothing is special about it. For detailed specification, go to:

  • اظہر علی

    nice, waiting for price

    • Waiting to get it FREE :P

      • اظہر علی

        i wish i could

  • Seems great.

  • Dr. M. Tariq

    It should be made from korea not from china

  • fakhre alam

    same as galaxy s2 except the screen . price will be approx 40k . i dont think its a mid range phone

  • Fatima

    I like this new smartphone,its really grand.

  • “designed for mid-range consumers”

    with such features (as described), this phone will be near about 35k or even more which doesn’t comes under the cap of MID-RANGE!

    P.S. This would gonna be another great hit by Samsung!

    • I think they have different perception of mid-range users. previously HTC announced desire X for mid range users. It was launched for 30k+. Lets see, what happens to this…!!

  • Hammad

    The appearance is impressive.

  • [email protected]

    I’ll always love apple products…………they are great……

  • Khan

    Its such a nice and appreciatable addition in Galaxy series.

  • moazzam

    2 sims with dual-active option … I m interested :D

  • Samsuck’s midrange starts at 40K & beyond.

  • Taheem

    The design is quite similar to previous galaxy models but good one.

  • yahhh its good coz size of note 2 and specification is less so the price i think should be under 40 k

  • in Malaysia price is 1100RM to 1200Rm