Mar 26, 2013

  • Zeeshan Zakir

    ptcl 1 mb net is so pathetic , going to 100 mb is meaning less …

    • Eli


    • KInza

      It will definitely be faster bro, trust me, there is logic behind it. The speed seems awesome, will have to wait and see, what will be the cost. Otherwise seems like a good step.

    • Aamir Lehri

      agreed with you

    • Muhammad Azeem

      yes ,

    • Karma

      There is a great difference between 1 mb and 100 mb. Have used 1 mb net without any hassles.So PTCL 100 MB would sound amazing with blazing speed ever.

      • Raza A Butt

        bitch plz first 1mb epic fail

      • Javed Khan

        I bet Youtube still won’t work on it.

    • Osama


  • Faizan Farhat

    WOW Copper lines handle kar nahi sakte, aur Home level pe Fibre connection denge

    fibre to wired conversion ki device/modem khi users ko he kharidna hona hoga :D

    We just returned our DLS modem permanently to PTCL after using for 3+ years & with Last 1.5 months with daily disconnection issue atleast 5 times a day

    • Hafiz Qadoos

      Last month disruptions were caused by the underwater cable issue. If you used it for 3 yrs than you must have been satisfied. Copper lines are a poor medium, fiber optic will make a difference no matter how hard anyone denies it!!!

  • amir

    I think what PTCL is doing, is always helpful and practical.

    • Khurram ShahzAd

      I would differ

  • sharjee

    The thing is, that we are never satisfied with anyone, but at least we should appreciate if something good is happening around us.

  • Kamran Mahmood

    In Lahore initially this service is only for Gulberg, and in Gulberg only for some Plazas. Till the latest their vendor who was deploying this has already left the project, like their vendor who ran away before the completion of VDSL project.

  • Sami Alvi

    Brain Net is providing much more superior and reliable services since a long time for 100Mbps & 1Gbps Ultra High Speed Internet.. FTTH and FTTB for Corporate Sector in Lahore!

    • Hamid

      But I think PTCL offerings would be proved best as it is giving FTTH over GPON and 100 Mbps is the best part of it. Its a good step by PTCL.

    • Usama

      So it means we all shud move our businesses to Lahore, Brain net should expand and improve their services I know how good they r stop propagating lies!!!

  • Mohib

    This is totally fake. PTCL only provide FTTB services. Their Last mile cable is usually copper. FTTH services are offered by the following operators:
    1) Multinet
    2) LDN
    3) Wateen
    1) Nayatel
    2) Multinet
    3) Supernet
    4) Comsats

    • Ayesha Malik

      Tried almost all of the culprits on the list. This list should be sent to the CJP, so that they should be tried for giving poor service. I got sick of them thats why I shifted to PTCL. It has been working fine till now lets hope it stays like that!!!

      • sfy

        CJP will forward it to PTA and that’s a dead end.

    • Khan

      Sorry…but Multinet shouldn’t be on the list. They are strictly B2B and do not provide residential service over FTTH.

  • Hassan

    Please run a spell check before publishing articles.

  • Akram Abbas

    whoever says PTCL is so pathetic, needs to repair his phone line. I am a very old user of PTCL. and having 4Mbps.. and trust me It is awesome! I’ve shared 4Mbps among more than 10 people. and I’ve seen such people who are using 50Mbps PTCL Internet, and they’re happy. If you’re having some issues that does not mean PTCL is pathetic. You need to call phone line man to repair issues in your line i.e noising, disturbance etc. You just need higher SNR. Pick your handset, and feel noising etc.

    Now that’s another point if you say Line man never does anything.. You need to make a good relationship with Line man ;)

    • Bilal Iqbal

      PTCL is the service provider of NADRA for secure network, (over VPN) and it works seamless specially in off-peak hours when it just takes a fraction of seconds for page update and bandwidth is also awesome.
      for those people who have not used corporate connections, be aware that priority level is much more different for personal and corporate customers. If my office line is creating problem then complain will be launched by our HQ to PTCL HQ who will immediately diagnose the problem. normal customers are of less importance and profitable for PTCL therefore problems arises. EVO for personal use is also working fine…

  • Osama

    PTCL Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha PTCL…………………

  • Osama

    PTCL ……. !!!!!!!!!!! Please dont make stupid jokes yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..

  • Wali

    are they ever going to improve Quality rather then speeds? They Should work toward better latency. it helps more then anything

    • Iqra

      I think the quality is better than others, it takes time to change the old rotten infrastructure we are still using, PTCL is upgrading it but will take time. Moreover, our pc`s and the VPN`s on them are also a big reason for slow speed.

  • dilshah

    21st century joke.

  • Impressive Tanweer

    even they cannot manage 1mbps…..
    too ridiculous

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Does out national pipes broad enough for companies to offer and provide such exciting bandwidths..?

  • adil

    Are you talking about fiber or lte cuz we r talking about fiber here and fiber is expensive compared to lte

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    I would say, NO.