Apr 30, 2013

  • aasim

    thanks for adding this post .. i have 1 mb student package .. but still i am getting only 1mb. ya to unhoon ne upgrade nahi kya hai mera connection ya jhoot bol rahe hai .. aur yay janna tha k uggrade hone k baad after june 2 mb ki price 1299 hogi?

    • Ali Sharif

      wait till tomorrow : )

      • aasim

        i called to 1218 and talked to customer officer , he said u have to talk with ptcl exchange bcaz there might be some technical facilities are not available for ur area . so i will go to exchange office .

        • Nomi Sultan

          Tau ki hua,

    • Kamran Khokhar

      why not call 1218 and ask for your problem, hum khud halki si bhi takleef nahin karte.

  • hifiaha

    i am getting 2mb download speed for 7 days so i contacted ptcl helpline and they said if i revert the monthly student package to 1 mb charges will be 1099 per month the rate has been revised.Once again ptcl done it after 8 months increase the price 100 and auto upgraded every one.PTCL is nothing but a fraud

    • Goshi Naeem

      PTCL is our national company bro, and we should appreciate its revolution in the broadband industry of Pakistan. Reverting back on 1 Mbps is just a call 1236 away.

  • Ali Sharif

    I am not really happy… why they pushing me forcefully for 2MB.. : (

    hey Admin, Is it difficult to reverting back in an old package ?

    can anyone one have experience of reverting back the package through 1236 ?

  • Allii Allee

    fazul ha

  • Nauman

    yar 2MB ko 4MB to kr do… koi to 2MB walon k liay b Offer nikalo!!

  • ahsan

    PTCL has forcefully upgraded student package to 2Mb package so that after June they can get Rs. 1299 instead of basic student package charges. Kind of fraud with people!

  • Pakistan One

    They never upgraded my connection

  • Amar

    Its Still 1 mb !!at Clifton Karachi .

  • Maqsood Ahnad

    PTCL n Ufone are trying to squeeze every drop of blood from their customers……..for your kind info…..its not Rs.1236….but Rs.1700-1800

  • Maqsood Ahnad

    PTCL n Ufone are trying to squeeze every drop of blood from their customers……..for your kind info…..its not Rs.1,299 ….but Rs.1700-1800

    • Huma Nawab

      Dear Maqsood, I have checked, its Rs. 1099 till 30th June-13 and Rs. 1299 onwards for 2Mbps student package. its on ptcl website.

      • Maqsood Ahmad


        Dear Huma,

        May be u r lucky enough……….u know what is “Special” with PTCL they are charging (Rs.1500) u on Package conversion……like if u want to downgrade your package from 2Mbps to 512Kbps……u have to pay additional Rs.1500…… this justifiable and logical???

  • Shazia Mansoor

    Its simple to revert back on 1 Mbps, just call 1236 and order to revert back.

  • Juhi Chawla

    Yaar Ali na kar, every body’s package has been upgraded automatically.

  • Ali Sharif

    i heard that there is a cost on reverting package