• Adnan

    Good Advocative writing for youtube, however i wonder why dont universities upload their lectures on their own sites, why youtube is the only option for them? dont they have skills to do it at their own? mixing it with political and blasphemy matter is not just.
    why dont we find any other option? is youtube THE END of world?
    for a person like you who knows about proxies, VPN’s etc. why dont you get your lectures through FTP or the same VPN’s or proxies.
    Please dont generalise your own opinion.
    A vast majority IS living and CAN live without YOUTUBE…..

    • Shahid Saleem

      The vast majority is also living without Justice, Adnan, does that mean we don’t deserve any???

      They upload videos to Youtube because the users are at Youtube. Simple as that. If they upload somewhere else they have to build a following and community. Youtube gives you that for free.

      Plus, hosting on Youtube is free :):):)

      • Ek tha kaka

        Justice and Youtube? WOW! what a relationship to cite. Thanks to earth for having mental asylums for such novel minds.

        P.S Shahid Bhai No Offence, aap aksar ghussa ho jatay hain… LOL!

        • Ali Salman

          Inka ghussa bhe ak gorakdhanda ha

        • Shahid Saleem

          Use smarter analogies.

      • well said.

      • Ali Salman

        Use dailymotion.

    • haseeb

      This is ”DEMOCRACY” Right to do anything. even the majorities of pakistan have rights. driving a car has its pros and cons too. i can kill you with my car and drive myself to work and mosque. so is internet and youtube. youtube should be unblockked along with all the blocked content. i am citizen of pakistan and i demand unblocked life and in civilised manner. if a molvi or idiot has problem with blasphemeous content. load them in a ship and parcel them to america they can do there jihad on america once they get there rather thn buring our houses and petrol pumps against blasphemeous content. half of molvies FAITH is not achieved because of how dirty they are and how ugly animal life they live. (Eman ka nisf hisa safai hai) .

      LIVE AND LET LIVE. i will have my grave to answer and you will have yours.

      • Sikander Zeb

        totally agree with you bro. I’m responsible for what I’m doing here and going to answer my Lord hereafter. Government main job is to provide security to the peoples at which they are null. Sick of all these peoples that are doing nothing and neither let others do something fair for the nation.

    • True Pakistani

      piss off bitch.

  • Faran

    Anybody can judge the whole purpose of this writing is basically to open the YT.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Anyone who does not want Youtube opened can close their browser now.

      • Ali Salman

        For me Youtube isn’t blocked, can I keep my window open? please allow me to keep my window open…please ? :(

  • I oppsoe YT ban, but I oppose relying on one service totally too; those who can, should upload to their own servers and those who can’t can use lcoal services.

    • Shahid Saleem

      Do you host WebSolHub on your own servers? Do you use someone else’s services, internet, hosting, etc etc?

      Do you use your own phone company or do you depend on some other provider?

      Please use meaningful comments.

      • Sorry if my comment offended you, but what I meant by ‘own servers’ was to host on ‘own website’ which is feasible.

        • haseeb

          not feasible not at all. i am sorry. my university in the uk upload lectures to youtube channel . are you trying to say that 99percent of the univerisites in the uk are stupid enough to use youtube and not invest in their own servers. i am devastated because of the reason i cannot acces my lectures in paksitan on youtube because of sick minded minority in pakistan. SAD SAD SAD

          • It’s just my opinion, I could be wrong too, and if I have an opinion it doesn’t mean that everyone who do not agree with my opinion is stupid. No, they are not stupid, it’s their choice and they are free to use any service.

          • Ali Salman

            I know you must have an idea how to bypass this ban, you are just crying for other people. I wonder why people have so much time.

            • Shahid Saleem

              Hey, people who pay bribes to get their (legal) work done faster in Pakistan are technically “bypassing a ban” of a different kind, also.

              Just because there are “bypasses” for what many think should be equally available to all does not mean we do not try to solve the root cause: our stupid government.

    • haseeb

      Anusha rehman is illitrate personnel when it comes to IT.

      Someone young and passionate about technology should be hired for this job as its about keeping up with the rest of the world and having the knowledge of what every other telecom and it company is upto.

      It is sad that they cant even attract DELL, IBM, HP to open thier flagship store across pakistan. i have to go to random shops who ask for price whatever they feel like when i want to buy a laptop in islamabad. absolute shame this is. PLEASE I BEG OF YOU ALL. PLEASE lets improve this country. our elders spent all their life having tea and discussing politics at family gatherings and wedding :(

    • You do realize for a university; uploading their year long lectures to their own website is going to prove very costly.

      • Yes, you are right. But I didn’t say one should not use YT or one should only upload his videos to his own website ‘only’… My point was ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.

  • Asher

    Anusha Rehman has her head up her rear, not only is he clueless about the state of IT in Pakistan, she is also not qualified or credentialed enough to be an IT Minister. Do not for one moment hope that anything positive can materialize from this person.

  • Harry

    Is SHAHID SALEEM a new moderat0r at ProP ??

    • Khurram

      Whoever he is, he has the balls to speak the truth.

      Keep doing this Shahid!

  • Furqan Saeed

    many other websites are available to rely videos, you tube is not the only choice.

  • Furqan Saeed

    check how much data being used in Pakistan in terms of usage, all available operators are not using their average data capacity allocated in their networks. how we expect 3G/4G or any other G florish in a country. When broadband available is cheaper than current wireless data bundle available in the market, in a country in which most smartphone users uses Wifi for data streaming and status postings. Under these circumstances our dream for future generation high speed data wireless networks are just a beautiful dream only.

  • Bilal Tariq

    Now who the F*&k is this youtube Advocate?

    • M. Ali

      Well son, he is your old big Daddy. Go ask your Ami Jan.

  • Haibat

    There are many other pressing problems which Pakistan is facing like water shortage (http://tribune.com.pk/story/451620/save-water-to-save-pakistan/) than bloody 3G and youtube. Ali Moeen Nawazish of “Jew” group as usual is trying to engage people in non-issues. 1/3rd of the country lives below poverty line and he is worried about modern schools and 3G. Total bullshit. He like his parent organization (Jang Group) just want to put the real issues in the background and want to engage the masses in non-issues.

    • M. Ali

      That guy from “Jew” group is the world record holder in the field of academics. S**theads like you can not even dream to be near his place.

      3G is the reference to the fact that now that world is moving even beyond 4G and we can’t even go through this 3G problem. Take a hint.

      • Ali Salman

        So after getting As he became an intellectual ? Do you know engineers and scientists working on Pakistani missile program are mostly passed out from Urdu medium schools? Such “writers” can only dream to be near their place. Before you comment on me to win the debate, let me tell you I am successful in my life and got what I dreamed of and I believe in action, and action starts after exam (O or A whatever).

        • Shahid Saleem

          Let’s ask these alleged missile intellectuals how far they would’ve gotten WITHOUT access to cheap/free learning from the West.

          Then let’s ask them their opinion of the free educational videos on ALMOST EVERY SUBJECT ON EARTH available on Youtube, and why they think FREE EDUCATION VIDEOS (better than they learned in their Urdu schools or even many English schools these days in Pakistan) should be blocked.

          Until then, stuff it.

          • Ali Salman

            You know what your problem is? You won’t sleep if someone hit you hard with an argument without posting a reply. Majority of them had their higher education within Pakistan, now if you want to insist that all knowledge is coming from west and that too via youtube then you seriously need to see a psychiatrist. I really don’t know what is source of your knowledge, where where do you get this info without any reference you try to talk like an intellectual just to win an argument. If you have never met a scientist working for any of NESCOM subsidiary then please shut up.

            • Shahid Saleem

              I will note that you did not answer the first question about how far they would get without access to free/cheap learning: WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER and it is not one you want to promote.

              Also who did the research for what was written in their textbooks? Or are you saying there is an unbroken chain of Urdu medium researchers who did reserach and then who wrote Urdu medium textbooks for Urdu medium higher education for Urdu medium students???

            • Dr Saleemi

              I work for NESCOM, and can assure you that anyone working here from an all Urdu medium education background is either a cleaner or related to some army wala, rest of us humble engineers don’t claim to be rocket scientists, but the western education and language skills did help us in making those missiles Mr.Salman refers to, and we had to complete our doctorates in English not Urdu, question our patriotism or religious propensity if you must when its a matter of youtube or Pakistan but remember we don’t get pay of General saab or recognition of atomic scientists.

    • Shahid Saleem

      First solution to problem is education. Without education can you make informed decisions? No.

      Where do we find the biggest set of education videos online? Oh, the site that’s blocked.

      And you don’t understand why it’s important to keep it available? Are you illiterate or what.

      • Ali Salman

        Have you ever been to your college library ? Just asking, don’t assume any question between the line stressing your brain.

        • M. Ali

          Yeah!!!College library and all the lectures available on youtube and research on internet is really the “same thing”. I guess you have spent way too much time in libraries doing “stuff” and that’s the reason of your “intellectuality” since you are too adamant on challenging a simple fact.

          Seriously brother, Just think about your comparison.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Tell me, how do I (currently a non university student) go to a college library now? How do former graduates go to their libraries a few years after leaving?

  • Ubaid Hanif

    YOutube ban is linked with 3G. As soon as 3G is licensed govt. will open youtube..But for 3G they need billion in kickback to auction.. And in Pakistan internet is being used badly for democracy, government and it spread false propaganda..So i think no only YOUTUBE but also EVERY video spreading site must be banned… And 3g? who needs it when thousands are dieing due to health ,education and poverty budget…. Please for sake of DEMOCRACY dont ever open YOUTUBE and say no to 3G..Please

    • Faltu

      Can u repeat ur question please

  • Lazy Bum

    My God! Innay waday waday comments :o

  • Abdul Waheed

    How to unblock youtube in Pakistan???

    • Ali Salman

      Click “Unblock” on bottom right.

  • Ashraf

    Please correct your article, we are able to pay our utility bills online by using internet banking services of private banks. This service has been functional since 2009

    Moreover we can pay our taxes online as well if you are willing to pay :)

  • M. Ali

    Good Article by Ali Moeen Nawazish.

    Well there is nothing much further to say to what he already said it. The pros exceeds 50:1 as compare to cons of the youtube. He described a way to get through the block by using proxies. I urge you if you can to go on youtube and watch for yourself right now how many Islamic channels are streaming live right now on youtube/live. You’ll be amazed how much it had grown since the start of Ramadhan, but proxy is an alternate link so speed is very low and you can’t even hear a Surah without random buffering. Before the blockade of youtube i was learning Arabic and i had successfully managed to learn alot of that with majority of the material coming from youtube (ofcourse).

    You won’t believe it but i and with only few other of my online friends (from UK and MIdEast) had managed to get alot of video objectionable videos removed from youtube just by emailing the youtube media team that “the video is hurtful to the one particular sect of people are the perpetrator’s object was only to hurt people” thats it and few days later that video would be removed. But i think that whole episode of protesting against blasphemous film trailer really hit the egos of google execs and they must’ve thought “we are the 100 billion dollar entity, why should we cave”. If they would’ve been approached reasonably i think we may have different situation right now.

    I think we need to take the streets like they doing in Arabic countries otherwise, it would be GDP increase one day, WHT on mobile card the next and 150Rs/liter petrol on next day. We are being run by institutions and not the Govts and that had turned us into zombies. Period.

    • Ali Salman

      LOL, you are suggesting that government should compromise and should bend to Google.

      • Shahid Saleem

        No we are suggesting the government should BEND TO US, THE PEOPLE WHO SUFFER NEEDLESSLY.

        • Ali Salman

          Get a free VPN, save your time posting here.

  • Ali Salman

    So the writer is an IT expert ?

  • Shahid Saleem

    More intermediates use Youtube in Pakistan than A level students. Try again.

    • Ali Salman

      Anything that backs your statement? Or you just reply to win an argument ?

      • Shahid Saleem

        Let’s start with the obvious “there are more intermediate graduates than A levels”

  • Mudassir Hussain Khan

    I think there is some confusion in this article …… he agreed that you tube can be open-able in Pakistan with the help of vpn and unblocking servers …. so then why we are worried about it …. u simply use you tube …… and people are using this …

    secondly he stated on behalf of google/microsoft that why pirated softwares are being used in Pak …. so it is indirect message …. I don’t want to comment on this ….. it is self explanatory message ..

    anyway, we must listen the point of view of ex-govt …. y they blocked you tube and what was the conspiracy theory behind this game … there must be some thing special … we must dig out …. !!!

  • adnan

    This is the worst post I have read from your blog … don’t you have any importance of religion ?? you just want to be free .. freedom .. freedom is a result what you are getting from youtube videos … nude videos of Paki girls .. this was a result of extra freedom ..

    • Shahid Saleem

      Did you even read the article? The author clearly referenced Islam in it. Did you miss the part about how everyone in the world EXCEPT Pakistanis can watch live coverage of Ramazan and later this year Hajj on youtube?

      • Ammar Malik

        no he didnt read the article. he’s another one of those stupid people that have apparently never used youtube before.

  • Cheeko

    What i dont understand is are the Muslims in Pakistan so stupid that they will log on to youtube and straight away search blasphemy videos. I mean why would a muslim watch such a video if its there than its there so is it a must that stupid Pakistani’s have to logon and watch only that video I think Anusha is stupid enough to do that. Heard she also wants fiber laid to every school in Punjab which will cost billion of Rupees !! Why only Punjab why not rest of Pakistan ? Why is Baluchistan being neglected from all modern ICT facilities. A third class advocate is being asked to Run the Show of IT In Pakistan with a team of goons who have not the basic knowledge of IT. USF was supposed to be infact meant to be eaten up by the Govt. Gillani, Khosa, Baber Awan, Raja ji all tried to eat it up but failed in their endeavors. Well Sharifs are clever they put their Bully Ishaq Dar to the task and he has done what others before him failed to do so. 3G or 4G we will have neither all we will have is a G and that G will be used by this government for the next 5 years for its pleasure !!!