State of UPS Market in Pakistan – Sale Going Down

UPS sale in Pakistan is going down after reaching considerable saturation level. No doubt that power crisis in Pakistan is not resolved yet, however, you can easily get UPS in local markets at comparatively low rates than of one month earlier prices.

A through discussion with electronics business owners of College Road, Rawalpindi, it was revealed that the availability of UPS is not an issue anymore. Now anyone can walk in and get his/her UPS of any range (range means the power of UPS in watts).

Uninterrupted Power Supply or largely known as UPS units can support almost any home appliance ranging from a tube light to AC (Air Condition). You need to select the UPS as per your power requirements, depending on your usage and appliances that you are likely to use with UPS. I am giving below table that will help you select the power of UPS for your home or business needs.

LoadPowerImported (without Batteries)Local (without Batteries)
1 PC500 VA -12VDCRs. 7500Rs. 7500
2 PC1000 VA – 12 VDCRs. 10500Rs. 11500
3 PC1500 VA – 24 VDCRs. 18500Rs. 16500
4 PC1800 VA – 24 VDCRs. 28500Rs. 22000
6 PC2000 VA – 24 VDCRs. 42000Rs. 26000
8 PC3000 VA – 36 VDCRs. 68000Rs. 32000
10 PC4000 VA – 36 VDCRs. 88000Rs. 42000
12 PC5000 VA – 48 VDCRs. 168000Rs. 55000

Please note that these prices are of without batteries. You will have to get the battery along too.

Note: Please don’t claim these prices, as they may vary from area to area. These prices were to give you an idea about the market.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK