How to become a billionaire?

aIn his early days of cricket career, Virender Sehwag was once asked after completing a blazing century: “What distinguishes you from Sachin Tendulkar?”

He simply smiled and smartly said: “Our bank balance!”

Does money matter a lot? If yes, then how can I earn it? You must have thought the same question, numerous times, like I do.

As they say, “Truth is stranger than fiction” but remember, it’s true only for sometimes, remaining many times, the ‘Fiction’ works fine. It may look fictious to earn billions, in a short span of time, and that too without a single penny in your pocket.

My advice for myself and all my fellows is not to worry, we still have chance as it’s not money you need in the start, its brain.

It was a cold evening of 1934 in England, 23 years old Percy Shaw, a poor electrician with nothing in his hand, badly hungry, nothing much to wear in cold winter, wondering hopelessly on the roads of London. He never knew that his next moment was going to change his entire life, when at once he saw a ‘cat’ crossing him.

The lightning eyes of the cat showed Shaw, a way to his success. He got an idea from the glowing eyes and introduced the ‘Cat Eyes’, which help millions of people in the nights on the roads now. His discovery made him earn a lot.

What Mr. Shaw basically did? Nothing but got an idea from an observation and implemented it. We have many other examples, where people earned money and fame just because of keen observations and then manipulating those observations into a theory or a rule.

Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientists ever, saw an apple falling onto the ground. No one knew until then that why things fall on ground instead of flying into sky? He considered the situation and made a rule, i.e. gravitation energy, which completely changed the shape of Classical Physics.

Now talking other way, he could be wrong, his theory can be incomplete. For example he stated, ‘All matter falls on earth with same velocity, regardless of their masses’, but why does a cotton piece not come with the same velocity as like a stone? May be it’s a mystery and yet to be solved. And the one, who will solve it, will be the King of Classical Physics.

We all know about the ascension of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) when he traveled millions of miles in seconds, it’s another mystery to be solved. As we know, according to Albert Einstein ‘Matter and Energy are interconvert able’. So if there is any mechanism by which matter, means human is converted into energy i.e. light and then re-convertible into matter (human) then it’s really possible to travel 3,000,000 Km/sec. It’s the mechanism which is not known, but the idea is there. Now who will execute it?

Hazrat Essa (S.A) gave lives to a dead. Is it possible for us too? I know it is. All you need is to learn that knowledge, learn that mechanism. Some people will oppose me here, but every thing in this world is being carried by some scientific rules, Nothing is non-logical. Miracles are basically what we don’t know how they happen. But all miracles strictly follow the scientific rule, and contain a sound logic with in them. For instance, before the discovery of gravitation energy every one used to term the solar system as a miracle i.e. how come such big gigantic planets move and are so much accurate with their circulation? What thing is forcing these gigantic particles to move? Is some one pulling them? Are they all miracles? But gravitational energy has proved every thing.

We need to discover these mysteries, for ourselves, for the betterment of Mankind. Every thing which comes into our mind is possible. But how?

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

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