Telenor to Invest $ 500 mln; if 3G License Granted

Cellular News has reported while quoting CEO Telenor International that they have plans to invest further 2.5 500 Million dollars in Pakistan if they get 3G license from PTA.

We were having mixed feedback from cellular companies operating in Pakistan regarding 3G operating in Pakistan. Even Tore Johnson,  former CEO Telenor Pakistan, few months back showed his reservations about 3G network roll out in country before media men in Islamabad.

On other hands, PTA had been trying to encourage cellular companies in making their mood to participate for 3G license auction in Pakistan, probably going to happen latter this year.

This news is defiantly going to pat PTA’s back while other cellular companies in Pakistan may think hard to get out of this situation, keeping in mind that 3G rollout is going to ask for billions of investments.

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  • Dear Mr. Atta,

    We have sent messages and e-mails to the concerned regarding the clarification of the above news but we couldn’t receive any positive response so far …

    Telenor Pakistan’s stance on the news piece:

    Telenor Pakistan has shown tremendous performance in the telecom sector ever since it was granted the license in 2004. Within a short period of just over 3 years of operations, TP has added over 18 million subscribers to bag the 2nd position in the industry in terms of subscribers, revenue and network coverage in Pakistan.

    As the largest European direct investment of exceeding USD 1.8 billion, TP has created over 25,000 direct and indirect jobs in the economy. Telenor Pakistan’s total investment would reach 2.5 billion if it acquires 3G license in Pakistan.

    Of note is the fact that an estimated USD 0.5 billion is a potential 3G investment in Pakistan, not USD 2.5 billion more as stated in your publication.

    Kindly print a clarification in this regard as it might cause a misunderstanding in the media, or at least delete this page immediately before it further spreads the miscommunicated news.

    we look forward to your supportive response!



  • Hello. Could any one tell me as to why Telenor is so interested in 3G and the other telecom companies are not?

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