Warid's New Package: Zem Voice Craze – Not that Appealing!

Warid today announced a new package for its prepaid customers named as “Zem Voice Craze”, which is a

  • Weekly subscription based package
  • Offers 125 on-net (Warid-Warid) minutes, 25 off-net (landline/ other mobile operators) and 50 voice talky minutes
  • Against a weekly fixed price of Rs. 110 + Tax

Apparently, this package is not going to be a big hit. Rs. 100 + Tax: Rs. 133. So in around Rs. 133 you get 125 On-net Minutes and just 25 off-net Minutes. While on other hand you are bound to pay 133 x 4 = Rs. 532 per month. Such a high monthly rental and you get this little when compared to other cellular companies which are offering Rs. 5 per hour even at day hours. About Voice Talky messages, I don’t see subscribers very enthusiastic about the service.

How to subscribe

Dial 100 and follow instructions to subscribe to Voice Craze.

Salient Features

  • Weekly Fee would be Rs. 133.1 (Including Taxes)
  • Once subscribed, Rs. 133.1 would be deducted from your account automatically, every week.
  • As this is a weekly subscription based package, all minutes would have to be consumed within seven days. The remaining minutes would not carry forward to next week
  • If you are subscribed to a 30 second package (Zem Lowest Call Rates Package) your free airtime would be deducted accordingly, means you will be able to get same number of free on-net and off-net minutes
  • If all of the minutes are consumed in less then a week then normal tariffs of ZEM lowest call rates will apply for the remainder of the week.
  • Subscribers would receive an “End of Call Notification” after each call stating the remaining balance of minutes for each category along with the normal Rupee balance. Moreover, subscribers would also be able to check their normal Rupee balance as well as balance of free minutes by dialing *100#

What is this Voice Talky?

As mentioned above, you can use free airtime of Rs. 50 for Voice Talky minutes as well. You must be wondering, what this voice talky is… lets discover it

Warid’s Talky Message is a service through which you can record a message and send it as SMS. So instead of composing a text message you can send voice SMS with Voice Talky.

How to Use Voice Talky?

  • Dial * followed by recipient’s phone number (e.g. *032XXXXXXXX)
  • Follow the voice prompts and record your message
  • Press end button to send the Talky Message.

How do I listen to a Talky message?

To retrieve a Talky message:

  • Dial *0* for all new messages (Follow voice prompts & retrieve your Talky messages)
  • Dial *1* for old messages (Follow voice prompts & retrieve your Talky messages)

Pricing for Voice Talky Messages

Subscriber would be able to send voice talky messages on both on-net (Warid–Warid) and off-net (other mobile operators) numbers. Under This package (Zem Voice Craze) Minutes would be charged both for sending and retrieving talky messages. Upto 50 minutes of voice talky can be utilized under Zem Voice Package.

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