Request: Wateen Franchisers, Please install Credit Card Machines for Payments

Yesterday i got this message in an email from one of my reader from Rawalpindi. He requested me to not to publish his name. I am pasting below his email… Wateen Guys are requested to act immediately on this email.

Hello Everybody,

I am a student, and living away from my home town in a private hostel in Rawalpindi. I am using Wateen’s WiMAX services for my internet means. Last month, unfortunately I was short of money and at the same time my Wateen’s connection was going to expire on August 28, 2008. I had no other option but to pay my bill though credit card.

For the purpose, I visited Wateen’s Franchises in Rawalpindi at Satellite Town and Mall Road, but to my surprise both do not accept payments through credit card. I requested them that I do not have cash at the moment, so kindly transact my billing amount from credit card from neighboring shops, but they straight away denied. In fact they started ignoring my pleas, and started looking at me like they were saying “Get out from here…or”

I want to request telecom companies, especially Wateen Telecom to kindly direct your franchise holders to install credit card punch machines at their offices, so that if some one like me or those who do not carry cash with them can pay their bills from their credit cards. This is very ordinary service now a days and almost every other shop is offering this.

Thank You!

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