Stay in Touch with Your Friends with Mobile Messeger – eBuddy

Few of us are just crazy to chat with their friends round the clock, especially while on the go or during load shedding, when there is nothing much to do. eBuddy, provides you a luxury to chat with friends and family from mobile, even when PC/Laptop and internet are not around.

eBuddy is a java based mobile software that provides easy access to various famous instant messaging clients such as Google talk, MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, AIM etc.

After download, from you are asked to make an eBuddy user id, which allows you to configure username/password for all of your messengers (MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk etc). And the good thing about eBuddy is that it provides a single list for all your friends belonging to different IM clients, also what makes it better is the search ability to find your friend from a long list.

Be sure that you need to have GPRS enabled on your phone. However, you don’t need to worry much about your GPRS bill, because eBuddy won’t consumer much of data while you are chatting. (Even then I suggest you to keep an eye on your data counter, or you must have a flat rate package in which you just pay monthly fee against unlimited GPRS). eBuddy also saves your GPRS data transfer by hiding offline contacts.

Download eBuddy from Here


eBuddy is a JAVA based application, meaning, it support almost every phone available today.

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    gmail is not working wat 2 do ??