Police Can Now Access Your Cell phone Data!

There was a news in print media yesterday, that Police has been allowed to directly access cellular user’s information; this includes our incoming and outgoing call details and information regarding SMS that we send and receive. I am not sure if Police can also access the content of calls (voice tapes), as it was not explicitly mentioned in any of news report.

If we consider crime rate, then this decision is going to help Police Department in ultimately reaching the culprits in quick time and with better accuracy, hence better results. Use of cell phone is a must do thing that criminals follow, meaning that they leave a very sound proof behind for police to catch them in minimum time.

But on other hands, as we know more and more government departments are now allowed to access cellular data directly, our very personal information is at risk. I don’t want to point out any single department, but I tend to decide or feel that my cellular record could be more secure and in safe hands if it was allowed to access through one point or one department.

I do not fear that these government institutes will access my information; instead my main concern is that now more individuals from our society (who have close references –friends/family – in these government departments) may also access my private data very easily.

I want to conclude here that there should be very strict and breach-less system to ensure that our cell phone records are safe and inaccessible to any un-authorized personal. Also want to add that its universal law that there should be lesser number of direct accesses to anything to make it more secure.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK