Police Can Now Access Your Cell phone Data!

There was a news in print media yesterday, that Police has been allowed to directly access cellular user’s information; this includes our incoming and outgoing call details and information regarding SMS that we send and receive. I am not sure if Police can also access the content of calls (voice tapes), as it was not explicitly mentioned in any of news report.

If we consider crime rate, then this decision is going to help Police Department in ultimately reaching the culprits in quick time and with better accuracy, hence better results. Use of cell phone is a must do thing that criminals follow, meaning that they leave a very sound proof behind for police to catch them in minimum time.

But on other hands, as we know more and more government departments are now allowed to access cellular data directly, our very personal information is at risk. I don’t want to point out any single department, but I tend to decide or feel that my cellular record could be more secure and in safe hands if it was allowed to access through one point or one department.

I do not fear that these government institutes will access my information; instead my main concern is that now more individuals from our society (who have close references –friends/family – in these government departments) may also access my private data very easily.

I want to conclude here that there should be very strict and breach-less system to ensure that our cell phone records are safe and inaccessible to any un-authorized personal. Also want to add that its universal law that there should be lesser number of direct accesses to anything to make it more secure.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • lol so any tulla can give you call record against Rs. 500 amazing service. now have a new source of income

    • which type of call record u can give?
      can u give me my voice calls?
      means voices of my calls since one year old or six month olds.

  • Seems really amazing that you do not have any concern about your privacy when it is in the handy access of the relatives and friends of those who are serving for the cellular companies.Why dont you go in search of a similar contact if you are willing to save Rs.500 !!

  • Hi
    on the 25th sep 2008 some people took my car on gun point and they are still using my sim. i didnt block my zong sim which they are using because i wanna trace them do you have any IDEA how to trace or recieve their outgoing calls details? because police will do nothing


  • telenor djuice is making fool of us they hung up there netwok in the timings of 9to12 then2to5 n then 12in night to 8am plz telenor dont make fool us.

  • Why dont the phone line companies have spam policy or something like the email services…. So if some %^&** prank calls me i can launch a spam complain to get that no. blocked… They can always check out if the complain is valid or not…

    I hope this gets through to them

    • such service exists, though pta is not taking action but option is available via sending that phone number then your problem with that number to 9000

  • It it was a civilized country i woulndt mind because they need to provide security to citizens> But in Pakistan the police and government are the biggest mafia, and the reason they use this excuse is not because they are sincerely trying to provide security to citizens but so that they can have another tool in their quest to loot and harass the citizens more.

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