ProPakistani Got Blocked (Banned) on Few ISPs

I am feeling sad to announce that ProPakistani today morning got Blocked on PTCL network, Ufone GPRS, Maxcom and maybe some other ISPs…! (Thanks to Saad Ibrahim for notifying us about this)

Previously ProPakistani was also not accessed during October 2nd to October 4th on PTCL network. (Then Sohail Abid had notified me, as i don’t Use PTCL anymore)

I wonder what to do in such a situation? Is this for some technical reasons? or its some BAN? If its PTCL’s DNS that gone mad or its administration..!

If someone can suggest…!

Also Request is to spread this word, it may help me get unbanned.

Update: (07:05 PM – Pakistan Time) is now accessible from PTCL’s DSL and Vfone after around 20 hours of down time.

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  • Yeah, I was noticing since yesterday that I was unable to access the site. Then out of nowhere, for a minute or two, it opened this morning but then within 5 minutes, blocked again till now.

    I’m posting this comment here while I can. It’s pretty wierd you know, Aamir. I have absolutely no idea whether it’s a ban or a glitch.

  • What have you been up to ;) naughty naught naughty

    its open on MaxCom and Cyber – do a traceroute and lets figure out whats up

  • yes it was, i just got access to this site today
    i also got my blog blocked 2 weeks ago and i placed the same banner of not block the blog
    dont know what policy govt is trying to adopt
    govt herself is confused about to whom to block, to whom not to block

  • Amir bahi site is still not open in ATTOCK with ptcl, ufone, and zong Gprs while m on mobilink to inform u about problem why its happan
    When we open it with WLL n dailup ptcl so a massage displayed “You are not allowed to acces this page”
    Please do some its still going ban:'(

  • I noticed this, I immediately connected to a VPN in US and it worked. But I noticed this with other sites as well, like , and a few others…I can recall.

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