Win Cars and Cash Prizes by Just Registering your SIM

Now you can win 800 CC cars, Motorbikes, LCD TV, Mobile phones and cash prizes by just registering your SIM. Additionally you can get Rs. 50 free balance as soon as your SIM gets registered – Moreover, if you fail to register your SIM by March 31, 2009 then your SIM will be blocked for ever.

Unfortunately, this is not true… but this is something PTA should advise cellular companies to carry away such country wide campaigns, with some incentive for customers to actually pull them to register their SIMs, and at the same time a threat that they will actually block your SIM by a certain date, if not registered.

We all know very well that there is no solution to illegal SIMs, but to re-register each number, and block the rest. This will save us from lots us troubles and a chance to determine our telecom policy effectively, as the actual stats will become public.

Despite, 10.5 million SIMs got blocked, and more to be added in blocked list (maybe in millions), there will still remain many un-registered SIMs, or those SIMs which are registered but are not with their actual owners.

In fact, PTA should spare some funds to join hands with cellular companies in such offerings, after all they are earning good amount of money, and PTA is equally responsible for the situation along with cellular companies.

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