Warid Deploys Pakistan's 1st Solar Powered BTS

Warid Telecom has deployed Pakistan’s first Solar Powered Macro Base Station (BTS). This is a step towards going Green along with it is considered an essential in long term planning while eying Pakistan’s energy crisis that has damaged businesses countrywide.

Huawei’s environmentally-friendly Solar Powered Macro BTS, which wholly runs on solar power, allows operators to spread their coverage limits to far flung areas of the country, where there is no electricity. Furthermore, this solar powered BTS allows Telco’s to provide uninterrupted telecom service despite of any power failures.

The non-hybrid site is 100% powered on solar energy, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution, both of which is harmful to the local environment.

Along with such Green technologies, now operators should also work seriously on tower sharing to reduce growing energy costs and other operating expenses, instead of imposing additional charges on customers.

Here’s more from Huawei’s Press Release

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. delivers next generation telecommunication solutions for operators globally and has taken a firm step towards being green. The company’s green sites incorporate optimized hardware design, an innovative power amplifier and efficient power consumption management.

The non-hybrid site is completely powered on solar energy, thus contributing to a reduced carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution and the solution reduces pressure on the overall energy supply – which further benefits the environment.

Huawei’s innovative solar powered BTS is environmentally-friendly solution which the company says will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership in the product life circle, optimizing energy efficiency, and bringing clear benefits to operators.

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  • This is great ! Are they buying complete solar powered BTS units or are they creating a custom solar power setup to power standard BTS units
    I need a solution for a rural project of mine and have been thinking about solar or windmills but can;t find much expertise on either in Islamabad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • @Nasir Mahmood, i need to check them for further details. Apparently, whole BTS, equipment, power supply and other essentials are provided by Huawei.

      I can make you interact with them directly if you require. Let me know in that case…

    • @Nasir Mahmood, I checked with them, and they don’t sell this solar powered system as a standalone object. It comes with their BTS.

      I know this Sehgal electronics from College Road, Rawalpindi… he has managed number of solar energy projects for Pakistan Army and other organizations.

      Let me cover some info from him and will post it


    • Dear Nasir,

      We provide solar and wind power solutions for BTS(and even for any other rural applications,etc) in remote locations/where electricty scarcity is very high/electricity is very expensive.Please contact on +91 92464 75056 or [email protected]

  • i read in JANG that its telenor in Abbottabad area who launched solar powerd BTS. i think i need to check again, i’ll get back to you if thats the case :)

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  • This is very good start. But let us check how many days this work smoothly . The people who are in field know what i mean.

  • Daer Hatta
    I see your webpage and very iterset in to khow how this system operate ?, so if you can ,send me more infomation please
    best regards

  • Dear Hatta
    I see your webpage and very interested,so if you can send me more information please
    best regards

  • Mr hatta donat reply me?
    can u send me a catalog? or a text that show me the exact working condition and its specification for example how it battery is work what is its voltage , ampere..?
    please helpe me ,i am student and reaserch on the bts and solar .

    thank you very much
    hamid bahrami

  • Hey! Salaams Atta,
    Momekh here.
    This is a bit odd. Do you know when Huawei did this and where? Warid’s main vendor, Ericsson installed a Solar powered BTS near PakPattan (Punjab) not more than a few months ago.
    Can you please confirm the actual date and time of this installation?

    aur sunao? :/

    Good luck and see you around,

  • This is really surprising. I kept wondeirng why this hasn’t occured in Pakistan for years. Answer??? The Pakgov has policies against privatepeople importanting and installing their own solarpowerunits.

    So how this sudden change??? There’s soo much open space and so much sunlight to be used in Pakistan yet it’s been held back.

    Anyone who knows about the proper insides to this – please let me know on

    [email protected]


  • AoA,

    I’m working on a project (after graduation) at EME College (NUST) to develop the technologies required for a Solar Powered BTS in Pakistan. At least the electrical equipment and stuff can be made in Pakistan.

    Also guys, we shouldn’t be happy at Huawei doing this job for us. This shows the R&D situation in Pakistan.

  • For solar power related question and solution, you may mail to us. We are providing first time solar billboard lighting in Bangladesh and working on solar irrigation pump, power management lighting solution, solar powered BTS solution, solar power solution.

  • Dear All,

    BTS power up by solar is possible with customization. Because different type of BTS (wimax/gsm) need diffeerent capacity of power. Even same company using different capacity of power requirment for their BTS. Like 750 watt, 1200 watt, 1500 watt. As they need both AC and DC power system therefore have to put inverter for AC current (use for lighting/ air condition). Server equipment will run 48 DC volt.

    For more details you may contact us.

  • Managing Director and Director of Research at Ardour Capital, developer of the Ardour Capital Global Solar Energy ETF

  • Aslam o alakum Mr,
    I think the frist solar powerd BTS site was constructed at IC semiconductor near Hassan Abdal,and i have complete experience to designe and construction of solar system for BTS and other systems. I have done 3 site with solar power. If some one wants to construct the same i can help.

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