Warid Deploys Pakistan's 1st Solar Powered BTS

Warid Telecom has deployed Pakistan’s first Solar Powered Macro Base Station (BTS). This is a step towards going Green along with it is considered an essential in long term planning while eying Pakistan’s energy crisis that has damaged businesses countrywide.

Huawei’s environmentally-friendly Solar Powered Macro BTS, which wholly runs on solar power, allows operators to spread their coverage limits to far flung areas of the country, where there is no electricity. Furthermore, this solar powered BTS allows Telco’s to provide uninterrupted telecom service despite of any power failures.

The non-hybrid site is 100% powered on solar energy, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution, both of which is harmful to the local environment.

Along with such Green technologies, now operators should also work seriously on tower sharing to reduce growing energy costs and other operating expenses, instead of imposing additional charges on customers.

Here’s more from Huawei’s Press Release

Huawei Technologies Co Ltd. delivers next generation telecommunication solutions for operators globally and has taken a firm step towards being green. The company’s green sites incorporate optimized hardware design, an innovative power amplifier and efficient power consumption management.

The non-hybrid site is completely powered on solar energy, thus contributing to a reduced carbon dioxide emissions and noise pollution and the solution reduces pressure on the overall energy supply – which further benefits the environment.

Huawei’s innovative solar powered BTS is environmentally-friendly solution which the company says will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership in the product life circle, optimizing energy efficiency, and bringing clear benefits to operators.

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