Warid's Zoom SMS Package

Post by Bites85 of Newz On Fire

Zoom Package by Warid was the first un-metered SMS package for Pakistani Cellular Users back in 2006. It was an instant hit as mobile users were able to send unlimited SMS/MMS to any network in Pakistan for just 5 PKR a day. The service was widely used by all the demographic; even advertisers took heavy advantage of unlimited text messages, and started sending SPAM, which ultimately resulted a ban on unlimited SMS and package was revised by Warid to quota specified SMS/MMS schemes. Now almost all the cellular companies provide cheap SMS packages. But Zoom is still loved by many people. Even i’m a Zoom addict.

These days there are two Zoom packages available for the Warid’s Zem prepaid users. Zoom Limited and Zoom Unlimited.

Zoom SMS/MMS Rates




Zoom Limited25 SMS/MMSRs.3+tax per day
Zoom Unlimited250 SMS/MMSRs.7+tax per day

How to Activate Zoom

  • To activate Zoom packages just dial 100 from your Warid number
  • One-time charges of Rs.2+tax apply per activation.

How to Check Remaining SMS/MMS in your account?

There was a problem with Warid’s Zoom Package, as Warid did not provide any way to check the remaining SMS/MMS, like other cellular companies. So people use to do a little calculation or use their message counter to check how many messages they have sent.

But now finally Warid has also started to let its users check that how many SMS/MMS they have consumed. Usually after we make a call or do any paid activity, we get a summary of that transaction. Now when we (ZOOM USERS) do any call or paid activity we get a summary of that call/activity and also get a summary of how many SMS/MMS we have consumed.

The new summary received is like the following when you make a call to 321:

“Your last call cost 0.61 PKR; your account remains 74.21 PKR. You have consumed 124 free SMS/MMS of your ZOOM package”

Still you have to make a paid activity to get this summary (or you will have to call 321 to get this remaining SMS/MMS information).

I think Warid should provide any other sort of notification service, so the balance should not be wasted to check the consumed SMS/MMS. There should be a short e.g *123# to receive this summary, so that its users can check their remaining quota without paying anything.