Protect your Phone and Data with Telenor Secure All

Telenor has introduced a service called “Telenor SecureAll” to backup mobile phone data including contacts, SMS and media files on web. Customers availing this service will be able to backup and restore their data stored on mobile phones, anytime – they can delete all data from their phones, remotely (in case mobile phone is lost), furthermore, phone can be (remotely) locked or unlocked as well.

This is a similar service provided by Mobilink “CellSecure” through a Singapore based common vendor, TenCube. It is a client application based service, meaning that – you will have to download a software on your phone in order to use this service.

Service Charges

A flat monthly rental of Rs. 30 + Tax with Free 14 days trial period.

Standard data charges apply, however SecureAll does incremental backups – which means that suppose you have 100 contacts in your phone book initially, secureAll will synchronize all of these 100 contacts. Then suppose you add 5 more contacts, then secureAll will only update the 5 additional contacts.

How to Subscribe

Send a SMS “REG” to 50007, and you should receive a SMS with a link. From this link, you can download Telenor SecureAll, follow the simple installation process and done!

You can also download software by subscribing online here

Note: Before subscribing, make sure that GPRS is activated on your Telenor number and you handset is properly configured to use GPRS/EDGE.

Also check this list of compatible phones, in order to use the service.

For frequently asked questions: Click here

SecureAll can communicate through GPRS and SMS. If GPRS is not available, SecureAll will manage the phone through SMS. So even if you put in a Mobilink SIM, the phone will be in control of the owner (i.e. lock, wipe, etc.). SecureAll also has the option of auto locking on sim change. So a user can define (via the website) a list of safe sims, if any sim not in the list is inserted then phone will be automatically locked – seems perfect

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