Commentary for Readers – Response Requested!

We are almost finished with year 2008; we all would be evaluating ourselves with our achievements in this year – and would be planning for upcoming year with higher goals than of previous year.

Similarly, we at learned a lot during 2008, from industry, media, fellow bloggers and of course from our readers (through their comments). At this point of time, I want to re-evaluate things,  and this is the main purpose of this post.

Lately, I have observed that few of my readers are perhaps not happy with the content of Few think I am going too techy others complained about too many negative stories on this website. My justification goes like this that, we discuss telecom and IT concerns, which are by nature technical subjects. So there comes somewhat technical things, but I assure you, I will try reducing the use of technical terms, and to bring forward content with more generalized vocabulary.

About the negative stories, I just to point out flaws appearing around us. The core purpose of such stories is to highlight them to authorities concerned and getting the issues resolved for the community. Otherwise, we do many positive things too, that includes promotions of telco services, interviews, service reviews and so on!

Tell you frankly, I run this website for my readers (besides my passion).  So through this post, I would like you all to please tell me (in fact guide me) with the topics you want on  Let me know (through comments) things you don’t like… and what else you want to see on

Feel free to criticize anything : – ) It is assured that your feedback will be taken very seriously.

In case you want to communicate with me in private, please use this page to shoot me an email.

P.S: Input from Telecom Professionals and silent readers would be highly appriciated!

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • I think that if consider all topics, the website impression is good
    however, one cannot make happy everyone but the approach must be
    broader to accept and reject. In our society, we are surrounded
    by negative approach due to which we criticize alot but we must
    congratulate that you have been attracting people with your blog.

    You are going good, keep it on!

  • First of all, let me congratulate Mr. Aamir Atta for his matchless Telecom Blog available in the Pakistan. I am instantanous reader of your blog and follow through every word and your differnt authors posts like (Reality Bites, Bites 85 & Muhammad Ali Raza). i like everything present @ the blog.

    But u know , there are always some “Area for Improvements” where you can excel more and get more. well i am pointing some areas:

    1. Never post any thread other than Telecom. (so far, i have seen
    i think core objective of ProPakistan is Telecom).

    2. Avoid any posting related to Pakistani industry (Flaws)
    disclosements. or address in general and proposed solutions
    like your many authors do.

    3. Never avoid any technical word , i will suggest you with
    technical word give its meaning in brackets or link as well to
    read about ..

    Wish you best of luck for Year 2009…

  • I have become a great admirer of for the diversity of content. As a young IT/Telecom professional, I check the website regularly for updates and insightful commentaries on industry happenings. I would suggest that you add articles that are more lighthearted and approach new trends and offers from the perspective of their target audience. A great addition to the site has been the interviews of various corporate personnel from different companies – something along the same lines would be helpful for features.

    Also: it’d be interesting to critique advertising trends in IT/Telecom as well. A survey of various value-added services by companies (song dedications/caller tunes/voice messages/SMS4NET et cetera by IT and Telcos and gaming servers and additional services by LinkdotNet, Wateen et cetera) should also be brought to the reviewers table.

    Keep up the good work!!

  • I discovered ProPakistani by accident before you changed the look of the site and I was highly impressed by your content alone. Your articles are informative and honest and I don’t want you to change that.
    The range that you cover is perfect and targets a specific area. I have found myself coming back to the site regularly because I know that this is where I will find good unbiased information about Telecom companies and issues in Pakistan.
    Addressing your criticisms, just add a glossary of technical terms for people who may not understand fully.
    I don’t find negative articles…but obviously those companies who are being criticised will find them negative. PLEASE PLEASE don’t give in to the pressure and become just another mouthpiece. Your uniqueness in Pakistan stems from your independence and honesty and telecoms companies should come here to learn HOW they can improve instead of trying to pressure yu to not say negative things about them.
    Keep up the good work.

  • Good that you have given a new look to your website. Now it looks xleek and contemporary.

    However, I do wish that you pay more attention to the following:

    1. Do a major rework on your English language. There are atrocious mistakes in every write-up – and the site does not come across as a very professional job – though it claims to be ‘Pro Pakistani’. It is such low standards and careless approach that gives us a bad name and allows our enemies (especially the Indians) to make fun of us.
    2. Please give more variety to your contents and don’t just keep harping on the mobile industry only. You do include advertising and media-related stories sometimes but the content should be balanced and include more subject categories.
    Good luck!

  • Dear Mr. Aamir,

    Good to see that you have a positive approach and I am sure this will lead to Pro Pakistani becoming a great website.
    I cannot understand that when telecom and IT news are your main areas of focus, why have you been covering media and advertising as well? And from what I have read, it was not purely telecom or IT-oriented either.In fact your main focus is on telecom and not even IT.You have to draw a line somewhere – and not give your website a wishy washy image in terms of content.

    • You will agree that advertising industry is somewhat related to telecom when it comes to their advertising spend. Hence, a room is there to cover in order to serve telecom industry. Yes, i know IT segment is not that rich on and i am working in parallel to cater this.

      Thanks again for your comment : – )

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