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cgexpanse-pakistan-cgIn CG or Computer Graphics there are so many sectors for example, Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Web Designing, Desktop Designing, Art Works, Paintings, Photography, Illustrations, 2D and 3D) and so on. We know that globally there are plenty of portals for Graphic Gurus and artists, such as DeviantArt, etc… However, in this article we will dig out online opportunities and resources available for Pakistani Graphic Designers and artists. holds monopoly and only source available for Computer Graphics & Photography sector in Pakistan. There was lately another option available:, but it got suspended, maybe due to same design and layouts with copyright issues.

Majority of the designers and photographers are very well aware about cgexpanse website and majority of them are members of it, like me. is being managed by a panel of Pakistan young Pakistanis, such as Mr.Waheed Nasir, Mr. Yahya, Mr. Amaan, Mr. Arif Kamal Zaidi, Mr. Amyn Farooqi, Mr. Abdul Majid, Mr. Hamid Nawaz and so on. bears a forum for General Discussion section along with News about upcoming software and technical education in computer graphics.  Art Discussion section is being handled by Mr. Amaan and Waheed as moderators. The Forum Gallery has been taken care by Mr. Shoaib, Mr. Amaan & Mr. Waheed Nasir. 3D, the most useful section is being controlled by Amaan, Shoaib, Majmovan, Waheed Nasir and Usman Ghiyas.  2D Section is managed by Amaan, Shoaib, Waheed Nasir. Animation Section is controlled by Amaan, Waheed Nasir and Ali Ahsan. Traditional Art, Photography, Portfolios, Contest and all other sections are controlled by all the above mentioned talented people including Arif Kamal Zaidi.

What I like most about is that how efficiently a panel of CG gurus is playing a vital role in providing a platform where designers and artists are submitting their portfolios on website and get comments on it by the most professional gurus from Pakistan and all over the World as well.

Now the bad thing; as per my observation, whenever a feminine post come to forum, everybody loves to comment it, despite of the quality/resolution/camera/technical issues, everybody comes in to action, especially the moderators. I am going to submit a link of feminine post for an example and you can see the number of comments the link is In this picture you will see an ordinary picture where the boy is sitting on hut with no subject. Furthermore, picture is has resolution issues as well but have a look at the comments. Even the moderators wrote alot.

Now let me show you a post by a guy with far better quality, the link is (No comments) (No comments) (No Comments) (1 Comment Only).

At the end, I would request the IT business people and the major artists of Pakistan to take initiatives and try to make other platforms sincerely.

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    Regarding “Paki” debate lets forget it.. so far its going no where….

  • Salaam Masroor,

    First of all I don’t know why you picked on me for the links with no replies.

    Let me just briefly say that I have been a member of CGX for a long, long time and have had no issues so far with the moderators. Actually, I know most of them quite well and have been on really good terms with them all. If there were any favoritism there, I am sure all my posts would have gotten me cover awards or atleast made it to the banner!

    The first link you cited by the female member, if you read properly is her first post. CGX always welcomes new members and that is one of the reasons why the thread has so many posts. This is my first thread : and you can see it did receive a number of comments as with all first posts by new members.

    As far as the my own links which you have cited as the ones without comments, well you can check and see that they do have comments now. Just takes a while and people should be patient.

    Now, as far as the “replies to only female members” thing is concerned. Firstly, I don’t think that happens on CGX.

    Secondly, CGX is a portal for Pakistani CG artists. Sir, I am an academician and a researcher and have been looking into media and culture of Pakistan. Heuristically, if all all members are Pakistani and members are preferring to comment on posts by female members (Note: I say “members, not MODs!), it is a cultural issue within our society and culture (the “shooda nature”) that is apparent in their behaviour.

    Rather than judging a singular entity (i.e., the forum) steps should be taken to address the bigger problem; how do we educate people and alter their way of thinking so that they become more mature in their way of thinking and also taking criticism.

    I have been trying to learn this and have made some progress so far and I think it will take an effort from all of us starting with ourselves. As Proud Pakistanis, we should learn from our mistakes and try and rectify them. Are you willing to make a start??



  • Hez right, its a biased community run by group of people who love to give their so called awards to each other like kids playing passing game. most of the industry professionals just dont visit there, it clearly shows the calibre and acceptability of this platform among the real pros. most people have stopped visiting the site complaining about the immense favoritism which exist there and those who are still there complains today also, but the best part is that the administration which is one person only still denies to the fact while keeping eyes close on the fact that how many members are left?? soon there will be a day where only these bunch of people will be the visitors as well as the posters as well as the moderators. their award is given on basis of personal likes and dislikes while the rules of arts and aesthetics are clearly ignored. they love awarding their title to eachother while constantly ignore those who strive hard and for such talented people, putting their artwork on the bloody banner is like an “ehsaan” on them.

    a quality site is judged by the number of professionals there, sadly there are hardly a few here and most are either time pass people or havent ever been a professional.

    long live cgx

  • for the moderators and admins of the site who are desperately trying to prove their best here, just tell the masses that you exist since 5 years now and how far you have succeeded, you have only lost your popularity in this time period instead of progressing, you lost valuable members and moderators who use to give their valuable inputs. but unfortunately you people still think you are right and the problem is with those hundreds and thousands of people who believe ur unprofessional and biased. i dont see you people standing anywhere near to the better ones in coming years as 5 years is a hell lot of time for some site to get popular, you people are nose diving.. wakeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes that’s very nice Platform for Pakistani Graphic Designers in order to share their work.

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