– A Platform for Pakistani Graphic Designers

cgexpanse-pakistan-cgIn CG or Computer Graphics there are so many sectors for example, Graphic Designing, Logo Designing, Web Designing, Desktop Designing, Art Works, Paintings, Photography, Illustrations, 2D and 3D) and so on. We know that globally there are plenty of portals for Graphic Gurus and artists, such as DeviantArt, etc… However, in this article we will dig out online opportunities and resources available for Pakistani Graphic Designers and artists. holds monopoly and only source available for Computer Graphics & Photography sector in Pakistan. There was lately another option available:, but it got suspended, maybe due to same design and layouts with copyright issues.

Majority of the designers and photographers are very well aware about cgexpanse website and majority of them are members of it, like me. is being managed by a panel of Pakistan young Pakistanis, such as Mr.Waheed Nasir, Mr. Yahya, Mr. Amaan, Mr. Arif Kamal Zaidi, Mr. Amyn Farooqi, Mr. Abdul Majid, Mr. Hamid Nawaz and so on. bears a forum for General Discussion section along with News about upcoming software and technical education in computer graphics.  Art Discussion section is being handled by Mr. Amaan and Waheed as moderators. The Forum Gallery has been taken care by Mr. Shoaib, Mr. Amaan & Mr. Waheed Nasir. 3D, the most useful section is being controlled by Amaan, Shoaib, Majmovan, Waheed Nasir and Usman Ghiyas.  2D Section is managed by Amaan, Shoaib, Waheed Nasir. Animation Section is controlled by Amaan, Waheed Nasir and Ali Ahsan. Traditional Art, Photography, Portfolios, Contest and all other sections are controlled by all the above mentioned talented people including Arif Kamal Zaidi.

What I like most about is that how efficiently a panel of CG gurus is playing a vital role in providing a platform where designers and artists are submitting their portfolios on website and get comments on it by the most professional gurus from Pakistan and all over the World as well.

Now the bad thing; as per my observation, whenever a feminine post come to forum, everybody loves to comment it, despite of the quality/resolution/camera/technical issues, everybody comes in to action, especially the moderators. I am going to submit a link of feminine post for an example and you can see the number of comments the link is In this picture you will see an ordinary picture where the boy is sitting on hut with no subject. Furthermore, picture is has resolution issues as well but have a look at the comments. Even the moderators wrote alot.

Now let me show you a post by a guy with far better quality, the link is (No comments) (No comments) (No Comments) (1 Comment Only).

At the end, I would request the IT business people and the major artists of Pakistan to take initiatives and try to make other platforms sincerely.