Caution: PTCL Linemen Can Use your Phone Line

ptcl_linemanGuest post by Nazakat Hussain

I had applied for new PTCL landline connection – resultantly, PTCL’s staff was going to install the telephone line today, as I received a call from a lineman who informed me that they are near my place and inquired about exact address. These folks called me on my cell number from these two numbers 051-4449570 and 051-4445561.

Later on, when I thought of calling them back on both numbers, I was told that these were residence numbers and had nothing to do with PTCL’s office or exchange.

After sometime, again I received a call from another telephone number (051-4449570) of I-10/1, Islamabad Exchange (this time the guy confirmed me about the installation).

So apparently, these linemen use residence (customer’s) numbers to make their personal and official calls.

After all this happened, my mind is consistently thinking about following questions,

  • Why company representative dialed official call by using residence numbers?
  • How many other people dialed from such sources on a daily basis (either they are PTCL officials or general public?
  • Who will be charged for these mobile calls that the lineman made to me?
  • If these calls will appear in telephone bills?
  • If not, why designated telephone numbers were used for calls?
  • Most importantly, how can i keep these linemen away from my line… so that they don’t use my line for their personal calls.

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  • This was also happened with me, the lineman called me from a resident no. when i called back there was a girl. The lineman used someone else’s number. I wonder why?

  • Hmmmm, i know that these guys used to make local landline calls from home user’s lines. But its new to know that they also make calls on Mobile numbers……! because atleast there is a proof of these calls in the bill….. So i think they are smart guys but not so smart….

  • well well its old news for me! they carry those handsets with them for this very purpose! its always good to block 0 in your ptcl landline becuase i have seen cases when the line man take bribes and hook other people to your line so they can make international calls on your expense :/

  • well they just have to connect their handset with the wire an taddaa they can do anything with your phoneline

  • They usually do this by connecting their handset to connecting points inside the DP. While PTCL has provided cell phones to linemen (at least in Karachi), they still prefer to use this hack.

  • They are soo mean I paid PTCL New Line expense and they also asked for money from me and I had to give them as they can do anything with ur line

  • hy.
    Me an enginieer at PTCL……..
    dont indulge ur mind in dz bullshits
    yeah a lineman can use any number at DP n in MDF room if dy use da number dn ds z 4 ur service n t z nt included n ur telephone bills so dnt worry………….

    • Hello
      Hassan i want some help from you about my newptcl connection which is not installed due to my adyala exchange negligence or what??? after my order two houses got connection in my street but i am still without it please help me out???many many thanks in advance

  • Sorry Hassan but Don’t agree with you. How would you justify your comments as i have heard it many times from different people to dial their relatives on Occusions at the cost of others. This all happens with the help fo line mans. If you don’t give money to them then will face line distorsion, line dead and heavy bills etc…..

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