No Samjhota with ADs

Recently, mobilink has launched new package “Jazz Budget” with tag line “No Samajhota”. The package is no doubt great deal for Jazz customers and good step to achieve value for Mobilink once again.

Ad developed by Mobilink is also catching to viewers and Mobilink users all over the Pakistan. But, unfortunately; in the context of brand management they did blunder mistake in the ad, if you see this ad carefully; you will come to know that at every “Samajhota whistle” models are equipped with brand colors i.e. Indigo, Red and Yellow etc. This can easily be found in Model accessories like Mobile phones, Ear Rings, wardrobe collection etc.

This simply depicts that they are showcasing their own services and asking for no Samjohta. There is also possibility that it can come in the mind of every person that what they done in that ad, but professionals from advertising industry or relevant industry can easily identify the brand color discrepancy in the ad.

Definitely, they will not revamp the ad but this could give them alarm for next ads, where brand color management could be handling in intelligent way. Though there ad was very appealing and to cater general public viewing and they will not do any SAMJHOTA to that.

  • sultan hyder

    Well no doubt that the Jazz Samjhota ad is much better what they had previouslyy however the brand colors get too much in sight…..i think all the telcos are striving their level best to get to their target audience through attractive tvc’s….Recently noticed Djuice ik Paisa Ad…..i think the concept is very strong and it does reaches out to its target audience in a very positive way…the overall concept of calling a special friend for just 1 paisa per sec 24 hrs is depicted really welll…even the offer itself connects well to the target audience unlike Ufone its not limited to certain time slaughts…

  • Maha

    I simply loved the New ad…and even if the brand colours are highlighted all it shows that how much creativity is involved…it makes me proud as a Jazz user…seriouslyyy…,n its just not the look and feel of the TVc…its also the offer itself..the call rates are great and obviously when it comes to rates there shouldnt be Samjhotaa in any way….

  • talha

    I agree with u Maha on this as rather than just complaining about how many paisa do we have to give more it is more vital to recognise and appreciate the creativity and improvement one has gone through and i really thing Mobilink Jazz tvcs have always been creative but the recent one breaks all the records :)

  • saad

    Hi this is for all Telenor Customers..let me know if you need more details.

    Dear Telenor Family,

    Effective 1st of Feb 2009 all new prepaid SIMs (which are not First Call Activation till 31st Jan) will be activated once the subscriber dials 789 (from the new SIM purchased) & verifies his CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). All activations for subscribers who do not have CNICs but carry passports and other documents will be carried out at Telenor Sales & Service Centers.

    This is an industry wide step, initiated by PTA & implemented by all telecom operators to ensure subscriber security. Together all cellular operators have already launched an advertising campaign to communicate this important news to the market.

    Telenor S&D , CRD and IT and along with many other teams have also made special arrangements to make this new process as smooth as possible for all our new joining customers.

    A Telenor specific media campaign will also go on-air on the subject from 1st Feb.

    Kindly feel free to share this very important development with all your teams and business partners.

  • owais

    Regarding the TVC’s i felt that Telenor’s last year’s commercials went really well on air…especially the Dhun lagee ray jingle…everyone was singing it….the celebs in the Telenor Ads did a great job as well…also Telenor Talk Shawk was one eye catching TVC….what i think that Telenor’s TVCs are much lively than other networks..the choice of music and jingle…reallyyy compliments the entire Ad….even though im not a Telenor user but i still like Telenor’s TVCs much better than the other networks

  • myra2

    i absolutely agree with you owais…iam a djuice user and it is not because of that i really like the ads of Telenor. All the djuice ads so far i have seen goes exactly with the Tagline FUN TO BE YOUNG!!!

  • sherry

    the best i like about djuice ads is they can mould into anything no hard and fast colors defined for the logo as well.sometimes blue sometimes purple sometime orange …its nice to see this flexibility ……i like their ads but i still think at times the concept is one gets bored after watchin dem once or twice…i felt that way regarding the aik paisaa ad…. what do u say??

    • Ghauro

      Can anyone please tell the name of female model who in this ad in yellow dress[see above picture].

  • hassan

    hey any one know what is the name of the modle in jazz new add
    no samjhota


    did any one know the model name ??