No Samjhota with ADs

Recently, mobilink has launched new package “Jazz Budget” with tag line “No Samajhota”. The package is no doubt great deal for Jazz customers and good step to achieve value for Mobilink once again.

Ad developed by Mobilink is also catching to viewers and Mobilink users all over the Pakistan. But, unfortunately; in the context of brand management they did blunder mistake in the ad, if you see this ad carefully; you will come to know that at every “Samajhota whistle” models are equipped with brand colors i.e. Indigo, Red and Yellow etc. This can easily be found in Model accessories like Mobile phones, Ear Rings, wardrobe collection etc.

This simply depicts that they are showcasing their own services and asking for no Samjohta. There is also possibility that it can come in the mind of every person that what they done in that ad, but professionals from advertising industry or relevant industry can easily identify the brand color discrepancy in the ad.

Definitely, they will not revamp the ad but this could give them alarm for next ads, where brand color management could be handling in intelligent way. Though there ad was very appealing and to cater general public viewing and they will not do any SAMJHOTA to that.