65 Paisa Per 30 Second, All Networks: Zong

Zong has once again knocked down competition by bringing in lowest tariffed 30 second billing package. This latest package offers 65 paisas per 30 seconds on all networks round the clock.


Call Rates

Voice: All networks in Pakistan: 65 paisa/30
SMS: All networks in Pakistan: Rs. 1/SMS
MMS: All networks in Pakistan: Rs. 3/MMS
GPRS: Rs. 15/MB
Unlimited GPRS: Rs. 400/month
Unlimited SMS: Rs. 3/day
Friends and Family: Not Applicable

Note: All prices are exclusive of taxes and Special offers (e.g. Happy Hour, 8 Aanay, LNO, BTO, Super Free, Unlimited Free)  are not Applicable with this package

How to Activate

Dial 910 from you Zong number or write an SMS “sub” and send it to 910 (Package selection will cost you Rs. 15 – exclusive of taxes)

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  • hmmmmz Zong does disappoint you by promoting something else and hiding whole lot of important information regarding their offers…would like to remind the Dormant Revival Campaign(with the exception that it was only 8mnths then when Zong came into being)the promo proudly highlighted 100% free minutes and SMS ON NET and on inquiring it from their very own call centre it was 100 free minutes and 100 free sms that also ON NET….so it sure does disappoints and misleads…..and yes after the JAZZ 68 paisa Offer..they surely had to come up with 65 paisaa…..Zongs lacks transparency big time…what does every one else thinks…

  • Hi,

    So will package allow late night on-net free calls , that might be special interest for night riders :P

  • I m looking for Mobilink (no metter pre-paid or post paid) Number in serial 300-82xxxxx (etc 0300-82 41604, 0300-82 07505…..).
    Only serious & suitable demands required. Contact Via Email: [email protected] or 0300-8949544

    • happy this package in pakistan any network any time 65paisa per 30seconds yeh papular packge hai etc 0333-8014824& 0314-4401676

  • Hi, because of their new package, it is affecting their other services. I was unable to update my bbc news application via GPRS in sahiwal. It worked in lahore but i couldnt download anything. I tried calling up family in UK but it says network busy. ZONG UPDATE YOUR NETWORK CAPABILITY!!!

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